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Thursday, 8 January 2009

Bad Drivers

I have had it with stupid 'drivers' - if you can call them drivers - who think it's absolutely fine to drive on pavements towards pedestrians and who also park on the pavements and double yellow lines. I am, of course, referring to the school run! Every day that I walk my daughter to school I can guarantee that some idiot driver will pull on to the pavement in front of us, forcing us to stop, while they let a car pass down the road. WHY,WHY,WHY?! The road in question is not wide enough, in some places, to let two cars pass. Most sensible people will, if they meet a car coming the other way, reverse to where it is wide enough and not try to kill the pedestrians on the path! And don't even get me started on drivers who park on pavements and double yellow lines. It's a school for heaven's sake.

The sad thing is that most of the worst offenders are the parents of the kids that attend the school. They will quite happily put pedestrians lives at risk as long as they get their little darlings to school on time!

I'm in the Shropshire Star newspaper today as I emailed them about the problem. They even used the photos I sent them of the cars parking illegally! Maybe I should look into writing articles myself!

Rant over! See you soon!


Julie P said...

Further to my rant about bad drivers above - I've now sent a letter to the police and to the local council highlighting the problems. They are aware of them but I wanted to show them that I haven't given up or gone away. I've now had two reader letters published in the local daily newspaper and the article that their journalist wrote, using my photos and quotes. The situatation outside the school is as bad as ever - Still, I shall keep fighting the good fight!!

womagwriter said...

Fight on! It is as bad at my son's primary school which is in a one-way system of narrow Victorian streets, and the drivers think nothing of blocking the entire road while they drop off their kids. And I BET they all live no more than 10 minutes walk away! Drives me bananas.