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Wednesday, 21 January 2009

Crazy drivers update

Thanks Womag for your comments on idiot drivers and parkers around schools. The school my sister walks her son to is the same; a little girl got bumped by a car there recently. She was okay, more shock than anything physical - but it just goes to show doesn't it.

Since my last rant on the subject it appears the council have seen the light and have moved things up a gear. I had a letter from our local MP and a phone call from the councillor I had contacted re the matter and they inform that the road changes are scheduled to take place this spring. So that's some progress. After two letters and an article in the local paper, I should think so!

One of my letters got 'letter of the week', so I win a pen for that. Little victories!

What is is with some people that they think the rules don't apply to them? Why do they think it's okay to break the law and park on double yellow lines and on the pavement outside schools? Why do they think it's okay to drive along pavements and make pedestrians get out of the way?
Any thoughts anyone?

1 comment:

Fee said...

I have no ideas why some drivers do this. Blocking a pavement prevents a pram or wheelchair getting along and thus the people pushing them have to get off the pavement and into the road which is extremely dangerous.

If it was their child that got hit they would soon see what causes accidents and complain.

Best wishes with your campaign.