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Monday, 5 January 2009

Feeling festive

Yes, I know Christmas is all over for another year but this snow fall looks so festive. This is good for me as I am still writing Christmassy/New Year /Wintery short stories and so the snow is helping to keep me in the mood. I went for a walk in the snow today and managed to get some good photos of the snow which will be of help to me later when it's a mild spring day in mid May and I want to write more Christmas stories!

So far, I'm on target for short story writing. I've been writing some of them for a year now so I think, after one final edit, it's time to let some of them go! The trouble is, it's always just one more edit with me.

I did send a children's short story out in Nov '08 but that was rejected. I also sent a story out to a magazine at the same time, but I've heard nothing back yet.

My aim this year is to get a short story published in a woman's magazine. Then, I hope to get many more published. I have around twenty short stories that are almost ready to go. So, watch this space!

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