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Thursday, 1 January 2009


My name is Julie and this is my first attempt at blogging! Welcome to my page, I hope you enjoy it. I am an ex nurse who is trying to change career and become a published writer. I did the Open University Creative Writing course last year. I write short stories, some poetry and I am thinking about writing a novel.
I have had some letters published in local and national newspapers and also some pieces in magazines. I am making 2009 my year to start writing seriously and send more stuff out there.
I'm interested in hearing from other writers, published or not, to share my journey with me. So drop us a comment or two as I would love to hear from you. Oh, and all the best to everyone in 2009! Whatever your goals or dreams are, I hope you achieve them, or make some good progress in them. Let me know how you get on.


Jaye said...

Hi Julie, welcome to the blogosphere :)

I'm still working at the moment but am also aiming to become a full time writer.

I did the KMOCN Creative Writing course two years ago and I'm now on a Writing for Stage and Screen course - I'm not one for the flowery prose, I discovered.

We've got the same blog style - I found you when I clicked on strictly come dancing on my profile!

All the best for 2009! Keeeeeeeep blogging!!! (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Julie P said...

Hi Jaye! Nice to meet you. I love Strictly, SEVEN! I'm sad that it's over. I'm tempted to buy that new exercise DVD with Flavia and Kelly Brooke, but I think it would be far too energetic for me. This is my first journey into the world that is blogging. I just wanted to meet like minded people and those with opposite views (I like a good debate!)

I'm trying to get into the world of publishing and short stories seemed like a good start for me. I enjoyed the course but found it too literary for me. My tutor was nice but obviously my style wasn't her cup of tea. Very subjective marking, I thought, but, hey ho! That's life!

Have you had much published? I'm hoping to this year.

I shall keeeeeeeep blogging and writing!

Take care.

Jaye said...

Hi Julie,

I can recommend Karen and Erin's Strictly Come Dancercise! Although, that's very energetic too; I really need to get back into it :)

I've never actually been paid for anything, but I've been Medway Blogger a few times and had a couple of reviews in a free local magazine that's disappeared now, unfortunately. I had a radio short story rejected by the BBC - only the best rejections from them! There's a good site I found recently - ideas4writers - they send you an email with 'what if' scenarios, which I'm looking forward to working through.

Something else you might be interested in, for sending your short stories to, is Scribble magazine - you can find it under www.parkpublications.co.uk (or it might be .com) stories of any genre are accepted. And if you ask the editor, he'll critique for you at no cost!

Good luck, speak soon.

Julie P said...

Thanks for all your advice and good website ideas! I might get the Strictly workout DVDs. I know that Dancing on Ice starts this Sunday, but it's not the same for me!

I'm about to send off a short story to the Writers' Forum/ Woman's Weekly joint competition, so I'll keep you posted!

Got to keep writing and sending stories out if there's any chance of publication!

Alison Wormald said...

Hi Julie, I came to you through Clare's wonderful 3BT site. Have you heard of the Metamorphic Technique? It's a gentle touch technique on hands feet and head that people are often drawn to when looking for a change of direction, also great to do within the family,very relaxing and potentially transformational(hence the name)I practice in Manchester, but we have a practioner in Broseley near you, also called Julie.check out the website wwww.metamorphicassociation.org
if you want to know more. All the best with your writing. Alison Wormald