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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

The internal dialogue of an unpublished writer

Writing Devil (WD): I don't know why you're bothering to write anything because you're never going to get published. It's all a load of rubbish you know.

Julie: I know it is.

Writing Angel (WA): Don't listen to him. He doesn't know what he's talking about. There's nothing wrong with your writing.

Julie: Isn't there?

WD: It's she who doesn't know what she's talking about, always pandering to your fragile writerly ego. Give it up I tell you. Give the literary world a break. They don''t want you.

Julie: Maybe he's right. (Julie puts down her pen.)

WA: No, no, no, no, no! We won't have any self doubt or negativity here, and who said you could put your pen down? You'll keep writing, that's what you'll do, never give up.

WD: Blah, blah,blah. Have you actually read her stories? Have you read the stories they publish in the magazines? Do you honestly think that her stories will ever be as good as them?

Julie: He's right you know. I'm just wasting my time. (Julie throws pen and notebooks in the bin.)

WA: No you're not. Have you ever actually sent anything off?

WD: Of course she has! But she's never got anywhere. Doesn't that lay testiment to the quality of her writing? If you can call it writing. Did a Creative Writing course she did too. Waste of time and money that was too.

WA: She just needs a bit of encouragement and practice, that's all. Granted her grammar isn't perfect but she isn't that bad.

WD: Stop giving her false hope, she's not a writer and she never will be.

WA: She might never get published but surely that's not the only aim with writing?

Julie: I'm still here you know, and anyway, I thought you were on my side.

WD: She'll never be in the same league as Della Galton.

Julie: I hate Della Dalton.

WA: Ssssssh. I told you never to mention that name whilst she's listening, you know it only depresses her.

Julie: Sits and wails under the kitchen table.

WD: Well it's pathetic. She's read hundreds of stories in every woman's magazine on the market. She's done a Creative Writing course, she's a member of a Writing group, she's read lots of 'how to' books on writing. And still she can't do it.

WA: She doesn't really hate Della Galton, and she can do it.

WD: No she can't. Look at her under that table. She should save her self a lot of teeth gnashing and bother and just give up.

WA: But what if she does give up? She'll never know if her next manuscript was going to be the one that got published if she stops writing.

WD: But she knows she's never going to get published. All the editors she's ever sent manuscripts too are laughing at her. They ring each other up and have a right laugh! They use her manuscripts to teach other students how not to write a short story. They don't even read them anymore.

WA: Ssssh,what's that scratching noise?

WD: Just a minute. Where's she's gone?

WA: Look! She's writing.

WD: Stop that right now!

WA: It's no good, she can't hear you.

WD: Stop. STOP! Don't you dare ignore me, woman. Stop writing. Why is she still writing even though she knows she may never get published?

Julie: Because I can! And I want to, so go away.

WA: That's it, you tell him!

WD: You'll never get published. I'm going now, but I'll be back. You can't ignore me forever. I'm going to harass another so-called writer now. See if I can make them see sense.

Julie: La la la la la la la ,I'm not listening I'm writing, la la la la.


The Buddhist Conservative said...

Go! Go! Go!

Giving up gives you a 100% chance to never be published. Writing is a journey of development. When we do not lock ourselves into specific outcomes, we keep our creativity available for well, creating.

If I ever finish my book,...insert excuse here..., I do not expect the publishing houses to start a bidding war for the rights but it does not mean I should give up even when the little 'WD' tells me to.

Write on!


Julie P said...

Finishing a book is a great achievement,even starting one is. It's amazing what your WD tells you though to put you off! Youa are always your worse critic I think.Thank goodness for the WA!

Fee said...

Don't give up. Your blog is so very true. Many a writer is held back by their own negative thoughts.

You are a true inspiration with that christmas carol of yours so there take inspiration from that if nothing else.

Best wishes.



Julie P said...

But that Christmas Carol was awful! Well I thought it was anyway! Anyway onwards and upwards!