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Monday, 2 February 2009

Poem published on website

There I was sitting at my computer watching the snow fall out of my window this morning and updating my blog when one of my fellow Wrekin Writers commented that she'd sent a poem in to a website and that it had been published! Congratulations Nicola! It got me thinking, so I trawled through some old paper work with some poems I'd written as part of the writing course I did. I looked on the website and read some of the poems and decided that I hadn't got anything to lose by sending one in, so I did. My poem (The Cat) is now on the website under Miscellaneous. So go on, give it a go. Okay it's not a novel or a short story, but it is something I've written and now other people can read it.

I'd never considered sending any poetry out anywhere before, as I don't consider myself to be a poet, but I liked this poem and so spurred on by Nicola's success I just sent it. The site is looking for other submissions and details are on their website. Go on, give it go. You know you want to!

Starting small and building up!



Nicola said...

Start small...??!!

I was thinking we could do a job-share on the Poet Laureate position when it becomes available...

Julie P said...

What a good idea! But writing for the queen? Not too keen on that idea.

Fee said...

Don't say never Julie. The ideas you least like seem to be the ones that produce best results.

Give it a go and see where you get to.

Nothing ventured nothing gained.

The queen is just a normal person with a grand title.

I wrote a poem on Dear Denise forgetting she is the chair of the NAWG but she loved it.

If I had remembered who she was I wouldn't have written it. LOL

Best wishes.


Suzanne said...

Congratulations Julie - great news. Well done.

Julie P said...

Thanks Suzanne! No more poetry this week though as I'm having a frenzy of sending short stories out.