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Monday, 16 March 2009

Forced Siesta

I've been suffering from one of those annoying 'Spring' colds over the past few days. It started off with me having one of my 'dizzy turns' whilst picking my daughter up from nursery on Thursday. It ended up with me in the teachers office crying and shaking like a leaf, whilst my husband was called to pick us up.

Now I am prone to these dizzy spells, but it was the speed at which this particular blighter sprung up at me that was the scary thing. I've never actually passed out before in my life, but I should imagine this was very close to it. I went hot then cold, the sound of the other parents milling around and of children chattering was too much for my blocked ears. The movement of them around me soon had me all at sea shouting for the anchors to be lowered!!It was a peculiar and unpleasant feeling and for a control freak like me, totally unacceptable!!! I couldn't possibly pass out in front of all these people and show my weakness. I was terrified. But a few kind words and a ride home in the car, I was safely deposited on the sofa by my poor 'has a lot to put up with' husband, with a cup of tea and biscuits and some toast. My head was still swimming and I was not right, but I muddled through. And I feel a right big girl's blouse for all the fuss I made! There are, of course, a lot of people worse off than me.

I have since come out with this virus thing. Stuffed nose, hacking cough, enough gloop and phlegm to fill an olympic sized swimming pool (sorry to be so graphic!) And the dizziness prevails, although not so bad as on Thursday.

Consequently, I have done very little writing. But, as my poor husband, who doth suffer greatly for my art, does attest that I have been 'going at it' a bit over the past few weeks! He has, quite rightly, enforced a sort of writing ban on me at the moment - to rest and recuperate. I had been doing quite well resiting the urge to write until now (He must never know I wrote this blog!!) But to be honest, I haven't really felt like writing (I must be ill if I don't want to write).

The rest is doing me good, as I do tend to get just a little bit over excited and carried away with this writing lark. Well, you do have to strike while the muse is hot, don't you! But I know when I'm beaten, and when I should hang up my pen.

I've used this little break to think and plan ahead at what I'm going to write (It's not technically writing that is it?!) Oh and I've also been enjoying this wonderful 'Spring' sunshine. Nothing like sitting in the garden pondering possible plot lines (ie sleeping!) Drinking endless cups of tea, and watching my daughter, who also has the lurgy, play.

Sitting in the sun (I can only do it this time of year when the sun isn't as strong as in the summer) certainly cheers me up, and lets me see things from a different angle. There's hope after the long, dark, cold winter days. New life is peeping it's little head out of the ground. Colour and light are coming out from everywhere. Soon the clocks will go forward, more light for longer - something to be thankful for.

Have I heard anything about my recent submissions? No - am I bovvered? No! I did have a picture of my daughter, that I sent off months ago, in chat magazine this week. That certainly lifted my spirits, as I wasn't expecting it. The sight of her cheeky face bursting out at me as I turned the page was just the tonic I needed, and seeing her face looking at herself in the magazine was great. It's also another £25 for my computer fund.

When I feel up to it, I'll be sending more submissions out there. I am so looking forward to the Wrekin Writers meeting at Attingham park this Saturday. Time to refill my 'happy & enthusiastic writer' tanks I think! I will try not to infect anyone - but I should jolly well hope to be feeling a lot better by then.

Keep writing - but don't be a silly billy like me and write yourself into the ground; It's perfectly okay to not write once in a while. Take a break and you and you're writing will feel better for it. I promise. Now I'm going to take my daughter's example - she's fallen asleep on the floor! So I shall have a nap too - sweet dreams (You never know I might dream up the next blockbuster)

Stop it Julie, stop writing and go to sleep!


Nicola said...


I know exactly how you feel. I've also been overdoing it a bit lately (work, writing, life in general). On Saturday I went on a coaching course - paid for by work - which was amazing and came home full of enthusiasm and plans. Woke up yesterday feeling awful. Today even worse.

I think it's my body's way of saying "Enough!" so I've decided to listen and have a proper rest (and eat my way through a selection of Thornton's finest in the process).

Looking forward to Saturday too - see you then and hope you're feeling better!

N xx

Julie P said...

Oh no! Not you as well, Nicola! Fiona's had it as well - It seems to be felling us Wrekin Writers! Enjoy your chocolate! l love Thornton's!
Get well soon too. I'm slightly better this evening. See you on Saturday! xx

klahanie said...

Greetings Julie,
So sorry to read that you have been experiencing one of those nasty spring colds. As long as you try and take it easy, I'm sure you will be back into the groove in no time. We most certainly have to listen to what our mind and our body is telling us.
In so far as writing; As you know, I come from a somewhat different angle then you. My writing is more of a therapeutic outlet. Basically, I just write for the heck of it.
I wish you well in your continuing writing pursuits. I think I better go now..in case I catch your cold:-)
Best wishes, Gary.

Julie P said...

Hi, Gary!Thanks for your comments. I'm getting there this morning, still whoozy though. Horrible bugs! I hope you're okay. Yes don't hang around here too long - you never know what you might catch! Take care. Julie xx

Fee said...

It looks like this is my fault. Sorry Julie.

Hope you feel better for Saturday take care.

Lots of love