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Sunday, 22 March 2009

A nice surprise!

I had such a lovely surprise when I logged into Blogspot this afternoon. I'd won a signed copy of The Letters, by Fiona Robyn in a prize draw over on Strictly Writing! Fantastic! I'm really excited about reading it as I am such a book worm and keen to read new things. I'll give my verdict on the book as soon as I've read it - which won't be long as I'm such a fast reader. Go look at Strictly Writing, if you haven't already; it's a fab blog and a gold mine of nuggets of superb writing advice.

Another nice surprise I had today was the home made cards that my daughter gave me for Mother's Day this morning. Two cards she had made at nursery under strict secrecy! All week she's been saying "I haven't got you any cards or anything for Mother's Day you know - really, I haven't," and whispering with her dad. It was nice to see her getting so excited about it all. She'd also done a hand print that the nursery had laminated and put a lovely 'My Mother is .... poem on the back. I have to admit to shedding a tear or two on reading that. I'm such a wuss! Oh and it was also my 12th wedding anniversary today. But we don't make a big fuss about wedding anniversaries anymore - not because we've fallen out or can't be bothered - we just don't feel the need to make a fuss. Mind you still being together and married after 12 years is quite rare in this day and age. I don't know how we've managed it (He's a very tolerant man!)

My own mother died on 31st October 2001 but I don't feel sad or angry about that as I now focus on my daughter. I feel what my mum felt when my sister and I gave her our Mother's Day gifts as children. Life and celebrations go on and we have a choice as to whether we embrace it or shut ourselves away and become bitter and angry about it, unable to move forward.

I do miss mum, and I always will, but I only have to remember all the funny things that happened with her, like when she'd gone blind (that's not the funny bit - I'm not sick) and tried to make a cherry pie for my sister. My sister bit into the pie and it was mince!!! Something my mother found hilarious!! Or the time I was teasing her in the kitchen and she jabbed me on my buttock with, what she thought, was a syringe with it's cap on (she was diabetic and gave herself twice daily insulin injections) But she'd forgotten she'd taken the cap off ready to draw up her insulin!) It was very painful and I howled all around the kitchen with her giggling so hard I thought she was going to fall off her chair! That still brings a smile to face now. (Never antagonise your mother because she'll get her own back on you eventually - says she who teases her own daughter non-stop!) I never learn!

These memories we have of our family and childhood can provide us with great fodder for story ideas and should be mined relentlessly! (Do change names to avoid any recriminations or sulks from family members.) Thinking about the positive times with mum, before she became ill, makes me realise how lucky I am to a have a daughter. I won't be having any more children and that's okay with me. I realise that some people don't have any children for one reason or another, and some of us don't have our mums around to make fun of us and tell everyone what we used to get up to as children! My mum had her last stab at doing this a few days before she died by telling a former nurse colleague and friend of mine, who had come to do the night shift, all about my childhood, warts and all! I was kept awake all night by their incessant giggling and hushed whispers! Mothers eh?!

I guess we have to be happy with what we have, and I think if we all stopped for a minute and sat down and thought about what we had, instead of whinging about what we lack and what we have to put up with - we'd realise that we actually have more than we think. And what we have is the important stuff - what really matters.

We have the ability, the freedom, and the passion to write - what could be better than that?!

Happy writing

Julie xxxx


Churchmouse said...

Really enjoyed your comments, Julie....x

Julie P said...

Thanks Churchmouse! I'm going to read you latest post this afternoon.I look forward to them, and hearing about your books. Take care. Julie xx

Sue Horder-Mason said...

What a lovely post Julie. I remember the hand made cards from my lads and the pride with which they handed them over. Treasure it and the memories. x

Julie P said...

I will, Sue! They soon grow up these kids don't they?! It doesn't seem like four and a half years since I gave birth to her! Time is flying by at a very fast rate.

Diane Perry said...

You are so right that even the most terrible times in our life can be turned into something positive - by writing about it.

Thanks for the mention of Strictly Writing blog, it's great and very useful


Churchmouse said...
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Churchmouse said...

Left a question, but answered it myself. I always reply to anyone leaving me a comment, but just realised they don't see this unless they check back to my blog...oh, well...xx

Churchmouse said...

Now subscribing to everything, shall have to remember to check that email address...:-)