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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Over Excited!

I've just recieved two successes through the post! Sadly not a short story being accepted but successes all the same!

I had a letter from the Early Learning Centre magazine 'Your Family,' stating that they're publishing my letter in the march/April issue of the mag, and the letter has won me a 'In The Night Garden' toy!!! My daughter was estatic at this news.

I also recieved a £50 cheque from 'Full House' Magazine for a photo and caption I sent in which was turned into a 'spot the difference' comp in the mag! That's another £50 going into my computer fund (I'm saving up for a new laptop)

It just goes to show that sending in reader's letters and fillers into the mags and newspapers can be quite lucrative, and it certainly bolsters the old self confidence and motivational levels! Receiving letters and prizes like this can just be the lift you need especially when you are being inundated with rejection letters. It makes me feel all better again. I was just moaning to my dad the other day that I never win anything! Well there you go!

It might take a while, and take several attempts to get a letter/filler published but here is my advice for giving your letters/fillers the best chance.

1 Read a couple of the mags you want to target. Look at the type of adverts that are in them, the kind of stories /articles and what age group/type of people the magazine is aimed at.

2 Read the kinds of letters/fillers they print. Note the subject matter, the writing style, length and tone.

3 Check out the 'reward' you might get for sending letters/fillers in and aim at the prize you'd most like. For me, money is a great incentive (oh and all things chocolate, of course).

4 Don't send several of the same letter or filler to different mags/newspapers at once. This not only irritates the readers who notice that the same person has had the same letter/filler published in a couple of mags/papers, but it also means that if the papers/mags find out (and they will) you may not get your prize and will alienate the editors.

5 If at first you don't succeed ........... Always a good piece of advice. Keep sending your letters in but be prepared to wait as it can take ages for mags to accept your letters/fillers and publish them, particularly if they're monthly mags.

So go on, send a letter or two off to several magazines papers and see what happens. I shall look forward to seeing your names and mugshots in print soon!

Happy writing.


Simon Whaley said...

Well congratulations girl! That's the way to do it! A few more letters like that and that new laptop will be yours in no time at all.

Suzanne said...

Well done Julie. And great advice.


Julie P said...

Thank you Simon! It's a good job I have you and the rest of the Wrekin Writers giving me a kick every now and then to keep going! And Thanks Suzanne. I'm just pleased that I had some good news to report!

Jaye said...

Hi Julie - congrats on all your success, the career break is certainly paying off!

I thought you might be interested in this competition:


J x

Julie P said...

Thanks Jaye! I'll have a look at that comp.

Fee said...

ongratulations Julie

Won't be long before you get your new laptop.

Best wishes.


Sue Horder-Mason said...

Well done Julie. It shows that doing your research does pay and at this rate you'll be laptop shopping before you know it.

klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
Many congratulations on receiving two successes through the post. I wish you all the best in your ongoing writing endeavours.
A very informative blog, as per usual. To all of those with writing aspirations; I wish you well.
Thanks Julie for commenting on my blog. That is much appreciated. May your quest grow in strength. Warm regards, klahanie aka Gary :-)

Julie P said...

I can't wait to get a new lap top! You're right, Sue, about research. It might be hard work but if you don't do it you run the risk of pitching it wrong and not getting your letter printed.

Thanks, Gary! Support means a great deal and is definately a motivator.

Take care all! Julie.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Julie,

I am inspired by the energy you put into your quest. Congratulations on your latest success.

A lot of 'non writers' have no idea of the work that goes into freelance writing. Editors do not sit at their desk hoping that someone sends them a story to publish.

All the best,

Julie P said...

Hi, Roger, I think if you're serious about your writing and you want to get published then you have to keep writing, learning, sending stuff out, rolling with the rejections, getting up and on with it. It's relentless and hard work for very little reward, but it's also the most fantastic feeling, putting my words onto paper, seeing it in black and white (my husband once went into PC world and asked them for a black and white ink cartridge! but I digress.) You just can't beat writing as far as I'm concerned!

Take care and keep writing.
Julie x