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Monday, 2 March 2009

So you want to write do you?

Hello, everyone. I hope that your writing and general lives and health are well. I've compiled a list of attributes that I think writers need to cope in the crazy world of writing!

*1. A good sense of humour: Definately the most important thing for a writer to have!

*2. Ability to clentch and grind teeth: To relieve tension and encourage creativity.

*3 Ability to smile and shout 'how wonderful' when other writers tell you (gloat and gush!) about their successes whilst secretly screaming, wailing, 'not fair, not fair, not fair,' and stamping feet.

*4 The ability to resist the urge to gloat and gush when you tell other writers of your success - appearing smooth and modest on the outside, whilst jumping up and down and screaming ' in your face, in your face!' inside.

*5 The ability to resist the urge to ram the latest rejection letter and rejected article/short story/poem/novel (tick all that apply) in the shredder.

*6 The ability to raise shields and deflect 'well meaning' members of your family or your non- writer friends who introduce you to other people as 'the one with the little writing hobby.'

*7 The ability to keep your hands straight by your side so as not to strangle the above people!

*8 The ability to ignore people who, when they ask you what you do, and you reply 'I write,' stare blankly at you and say either, 'Oh that's nice dear.' Or, 'Yeah, but what to you actually really do though, innit?'

*9 An affinity for sitting down and staring at a computer for hours (days) on end, drinking coffee and eating all things chocolate, and grunting at family members who dare to try and interrupt you.

* 10 The ability to keep writing even though no one asked you to and you've had countless rejections and will probably get countless more. You keep writing because you want you no matter what obstacles life throws in your path and despite all provacations and your brain and bank manager screaming at you to stop writing and get a 'proper job!'

Happy writing!


Suzanne said...

I love lists - and this is a great one, Julie.


Fee said...

Dear Julie,

As normal you have hit the nail on the head.

Best wishes.


The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Julie,

#10 is the killer for many good writers. Giving up is the only 100% sure way to never get published.

Developing a style that increases a writer's publish-ibility is a trial and effort endeavor.
Publishers are not going to take their time to make it easy and they wouldn't have time anyway given that a magazine, for instance, often receives hundreds of submissions for every placement.

A great list!


Simon Whaley said...

Hey, another 90 ideas like that and you could be the author of 100 Ways To Remain A Writer!

Fee said...

There you go Julie one easy book for you with encouragement from Simon go for it.

Best wishes


Julie P said...

Thanks, everyone! I love lists too. Got to keep writing though, no matter what other people say or do. Mind you, I'm really lucky with the support and encouragement I get, and that goes a long way in keeping my motivational levels up.
I don't think I have a 100 of anything book in me! Except for 100 ways to whinge and whine (my husband would say!)I'm going through a poetry phase at the moment. I do this often - swap from one genre of writing to another, so if I have some short stories out there, instead of twiddling my thumbs and waiting for them to come back I write some poetry or articles. Stops me from getting bored and sick to death of my own writing!