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Saturday, 21 March 2009

Wrekin Writers do it again.

I've just come back from the March meeting of Wrekin Writers at Attingham Park. Attingham Park is a huge manor house set in beautiful countryside near Shrewsbury, Shropshire. I've been there many times with my family. It's such a great day out, and very inspiring too.

I always enjoy attending the meetings because we have such a laugh! Everyone is so supportive and enthusiastic about writing and it's such a joy to belong to the group. For two hours I can just sit and listen to others and talk about writing - the pitfalls and the successes. It's just bliss. I can forget about whatever trials and troubles may have occurred over the past month and just indulge myself in my favourite thing - writing.

If there is writer's group near you, then I'd urge you to consider joining. The benefits are many, and they may just give you the push you need to get writing seriously - they did for me. After every meeting my enthusiasm for writing is bolstered and I feel so happy and excited about what my next writing project might be. Attending the group makes me realise that the possibilities in writing are endless. It's up to you if you want to write for pleasure or for publication. It's nice to meet with like minded people (mad) who share my passion for writing and who I know I can turn to for advice or chivvying up when I need it.

It was nice to see some new members too (it does get a bit tedious when the same old ugly faces turn up! Only joking - honest!)

Thank you Wrekin Writers - long may we continue!


Fee said...

Dear Julie

This ugly mug wants to keep seeing you at the meetings you are a true inspiration and keep me going.

Thank you so much for your support yesterday it meant so much.

Glad I won the battle.

Best wishes


Julie P said...

And thanks for lunch (you naughty woman!)