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Saturday, 25 April 2009

G'day Australia part 2 and the great ear saga continues

I don't know whether it was all the excitement I had yesterday with getting a short story published, or my husband playing 'tie me kangeroo down sport' on the CD player in my honour! Or maybe it was being driven up and down a hill, or the litres of olive oil I've been ladeling into my ear, but it suddenly popped last night and for a while I could hear fairly clearly, if slightly muffled like a muted trumpet. Maybe it was a combination of all of them!

But it's back to deafness today so I'm back on the olive oil. Losing some of my hearing, albeit temporary, makes me appreciate how difficult is is for people with permanent hearing loss. It really is like being on a different planet; although I'm here and listening in to what's going on around me I feel like I'm just a bystander and it's incredibly difficult to follow what's going on in conversations.

I've written some notes on what it's like so that I'll remember when I can hear properly again. I might even get a short story out of it. Don't forget to take notes of what's going on around you, particularly if you're layed up for whatever reason: broken leg/arm, colds, after an operation and countless other situations you, or other people may encounter can provide valuable time for you, the writer to sit back and reflect on your environment - sights, sounds, tastes, feelings/touch, and smells may all seem different when you're knocked out of your usual daily routine. So write your experiences down, you may find that your notes inspire you to work a short story or poem, novel, or even an article or non fiction book, if you have enough material.

Don't rely on your memory, because as you return to the normality of your life, post recovery, those new sensations you discovered during your illness or problems may be lost. Writing them down in detail is the only sure way of keeping the accuracy and authenticity of your experiences alive. Even if you don't use your notes to do some creative writing, they'll be a useful tool to look back through when you have the urge to moan about something trivial and you can look back and see how bad things really were!

I only have the temporary, annoying inconvenience of a blocked ear, but there are other people who have far, far worse than I do. It's all inspiration for our writing, and I'm sure the frustrations of life make us better people and writers.

Happy writing. Julie xx



Fee said...

Hope your ear improves soon Julie. I will shout next time I see you LOL.

Best wishes


Suzanne said...

Hope you feel better soon. Hugs.