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Friday, 24 April 2009

G'day Australia!

I'm so excited. I can hardly contain myself! After much encouragement and pushing from Mr Simon Whaley, (Simon Says) and a lot of inspiration from Di Perry's chickens (life in the Chicken Coup) I wrote a 1000 word short story involving a couple and their chickens and some hidden chocolate!

Simon had bought a copy of That's Life Fast Fiction (an Australian publication) in to the meeting we had at Attingham park in March and I had a flick through. He had a short story published in that very issue. I had been following Di's blog and was inspired by her beautiful and very funny chickens to write a story and email it off.

This morning I received an email from Network Seven who publish the magazine saying my short story 'Is it me you're looking for?' (changed by them to 'Looking For This?') will be published in Issue 23!!

To say that I am over the moon is an understatement! It's my first short story to be published. After having many doubts about my ability to finish a short story to any where near publishing standard, and having had a few short stories declined by women's magazines in England, I have proved to myself that I can write a publishable short story!!

So, don't lose faith, or give up your writing, as I have been tempted to do so many times. Keep writing, listen to advice and read the magazines you're targetting, and keep sending work out there and you will increase your chances of getting published. It is extremely hard work and can be soul destroying, but it can be done.

Thank you Simon and Di, for all your help, and for the rest of the Wrekin Writers who motivate and encourage me. Without your help I wouldn't have been able to do it. Thank you also to my fellow bloggers and followers. I am sure that by documenting my progress, the ups and downs of my writing journey, and by listening to all of your comments and tips, I have been helped to write better.

I will stop there before I get over emotional and this turns into a Gwyneth Paltrow/Kate Winslet type Oscar acceptance speech!

I would post the story here but I am unable to due to copyright stuff etc. But I will bring a copy to the next Wrekin Writers meeting if anyone wants to see it. I might be able to email a copy to anyone else who wants to see it if you give me your email address. It might help those who are interested to see how I layed it out etc.

Oh heck! I've just realised something - I'm going to have to keep writing short stories now. I've already fulfilled my aims of getting an article, poem and now short story published this year, and it's not even May yet! Got to keep going!

So come on, get writing! Julie xx


Fee said...

Well done Julie.

Hope you are feeling much better.

Thinking of you.



Churchmouse said...

Magnificent! I wish you all the luck in the world and I know you will go from strength to strength....much love, Carole.

Sue Horder-Mason said...

Julie this is fantastic. Well done sweetheart. x

Suzanne said...

Yipee - fab news. I'd LOVE to see it (suzanne(at)jones4582(dot)freeserve(dot)co(dot)uk) if possible.