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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Get Out More

I had a lovely lunch out yesterday with a fellow Wrekin Writer. We went to Muchwenlock and after a leisurely lunch, where we talked about writing and life in general, we went and browsed through the two bookshops there.

It really was a delightful change for me as I rarely go out by myself (My husband says I'm a liability if I'm let out by myself - he can't afford the public liability insurance anymore!!) Joke - well at least I think it was?

In the evening I went to our local PACT meeting, (Partners And Communities Together) I'd never been to one before, but as I'd been campaigning over recent months on road safety issues outide my daughter's school - and the route to school, as well as bad language by the other parents outside the nursery (don't get me started on that again!) I thought I'd better show my face.

It was an interesting evening, and I felt that all of the residents who attended had their concerns listened to and taken seriously by the Police woman and the local councillors and rep from Environmental health. It certainly was an eye opener on what goes on in the borough of Telford and Wrekin! I'd urge anyone with concerns in their community to get involved with PACT, or whatever it's called in your area. Talking about problems in your area - whether it be with louts, antisocial behaviour or parking matters - anything, PACT can help - if you don't speak up, you don't get heard and the problems continue and escalate. It's also nice to put names to faces of the councillors who serve your area, and to meet fellow residents. It shows you that you are not alone and others do care.

I think we, as writers, should get out more into our communities, and breath in the atmosphere. It can provide great fodder for your writing, and can lead on to new avenues of writing for you, as well as give something back to your community. If there's something that is making you mad in your community then don't get high blood pressure over it - write about it. Write to your counsellor, your MP, your local newspaper and highlight your concerns - It's all writing practice - learning how to get your point across in as clear and concise format as possible and in the style of the newspaper you target, helps with your more larger creative writing projects also.

You can make a difference in your community by using your writing and social skills. The little bit of input I gave regarding safety outside schools - in partnership with the school, the police, residents and the council have seen the installation of bollards along some of the pavements outside the school to prevent reckless parents (they know who they are!) from parking illegally and irresponsibly on double yellow lines and pavements. So it does work sometimes - you just have to get involved and write about it. Taking direct action by talking to, and writing to the people who can make a difference in your community is revenge served cold - the best way.

The amount of abuse I got from parents when I asked them why they parked in dangerous and illegal places was amazing! I can't wait to see what effect the new bollards will have - or the look on the parents faces when they see them too! The police have already been ticketting these drivers - I guess it takes a while for some people to get the message. Persistance is the key - and remember, you are doing the right thing by complaining and campaigning and are not the one who is going to have to pay a parking fine or be the cause of a child being run over if you park properly. And that was my most imprtant reason for campaigning - child safety. In fact I can feel another article coming on!

Happy Writing. Julie (Who has now found her groove again and has gone blogging mad!!)


Churchmouse said...

Excellent comments again, Julie, and keep going with your great community spirit, more people like you are needed....hugs...Carole x

Julie P said...

It's a long, hard process, but you have to be persistent and determined and not be afraid to say your piece, when dealing with such matters. I enjoy trying to get things changed for the better - and the councillors, who have been trying to get things changed appreciate the input.

Rob Innis said...

The pen is mightier than the sword!

Julie P said...

Ain't that the truth, Rob!! If in doubt, get your pen out.