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Thursday, 9 April 2009

Hurrah and Boooo!

Hurrah, picked up a copy of First Edition Magazine and my poem was indeed in there, nestled on pg 30! I told my five year old nephew who was very impressed. My daughter, on the other hand, took it all in her stride and said 'Oh mum, you're always in the magazines and news paper.' ! Is she bovvered?! I think not. But never mind. It was a big thing for me and I'm not afraid to admit I am proud of it!

Booooo, I had another piece of work 'declined' today. It was an article I'd sent out, but the editor did give me a useful suggestion on where else I might send it, which was gracious of them. So what have I done? Why, written another article, of course, that I shall edit and send off to the same magazine after the great chocolate festival also known as Easter. And I shall take the editor's comments on board and tweak the returned article, and send it off to where the editor suggested!

You can't keep a determined and dedicated writer down for long. Get off the floor, dust yourself down and write, write, write.

I hope everyone has a great Easter break. Commiserations if you're working. Get well soon if you're feeling poorly. Enjoy your holiday if you're away. But most of all - enjoy your writing (and chocolate) I know I will!

Take care. Julie xx


Churchmouse said...

As always loved your comments, are we going to see the poem? And a very happy Easter to you and your family, Julie,

Simon Whaley said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa Julie - hang on a minute. Can we just take another look at that 'Booo'? Your article was declined but the editor suggested where you might send it instead? Hang on a minute! In my book that's a Hurrah! Why?

1. There are not that many editors that take the time to suggest an alternative market.
2. They don't go to all that effort if the writing isn't up to it - which must mean that yours is, if they've suggested sending it elsewhere.
3. By suggesting another market, the editor obviously feels that your professional approach to them, suggests that you will take their advice on board and do as they suggest - which means that your professional approach is obviously working too!

So make that two Hurrahs today. (And then when you sell the article to the other editor for a large sum of money, tell your daughter where you're taking her out for the day to celebrate and then see how bovvered she is!)

Have a great Easter!



Julie P said...

Thanks Churchmouse! I'm not sure I can put the poem up due to the mags rules? but I'll bring the mag with me on the 18th. I'm surprised it got published, to be honest, as I didn't feel it was that good? It got a reasonable mark in the course I did. Hope the editing is going well. Julie xx

Julie P said...

Okay Simon! Point taken! I'll have to do some changes to it next week and approach a parenting mag with it. Yu're right, it is another hurrah - the editor could have just said no and that would have been the end of it.

I wrote another article last night on the back of the rejection that I'll edit after Easter and send in to the mag that declined my last one - you never know. I really must stop these negative thoughts about my work creeping into my mind, as they do. Think positive!

Julie P said...

Oh yes, PS Simon my daughter, on hearing what you said says I can take her to the seaside. She might have to wait until she's 21 the rate I'm going, before I get a sale. Hush - you see, there I go again! Negative thinking. I will get a sale, I will get a sale, I wil get a sale ....!

Fee said...

Think positive Julie look at all your successes and count them.

You are working harder than anyone and you have a family to bring up too. I don't and can't get half as much as you do done.

You are a WRITER and don't you forget it. You have lots of friends offering you support. Go for it girl look at what you have achieved and are achieving.

Have two folders one for successes and one for work that needs editing or more work on and you will see what I mean.

Best wishes for Easter enjoy the chocolate and remember I can't as I am not allowed dairy. So count your blessings young lady.

Best wishes to you and your family.

Love and hugs


Jaye said...

You are motoring!

Hope you and yours have a lovely Easter :)

Julie P said...

Don't stop me now! I'm on a roll! Have a great Easter everyone!

Suzanne said...

Well done Julie - on the poem and the very positive way your article was declined AND on writing a new article.


Julie P said...

I always know I can count on the support of my blogging friends and of Wrekin Writers when I'm fed up with my writing! And I get so much pleasure out of sharing my writing journey, the highs and the lows, in this blog. It's comforting to know that there are others who are going through the same processes as me and who share similar writing goals as me.

I love reading other blogs too with a different slant than mine. Aren't other people interesting! Or maybe I'm just nosy! I hope my insane ramblings help and encourage others to love writing as much as I do.

klahanie said...

"You can't keep a determined and dedicated writer down for long." Well good on you. Your positive determination and resilience is much admired. Hope you have a lovely Easter.
Kind wishes, Gary:-)