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Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A kick up the posteria

There I was this morning, sitting on my sofa, after a terrible night's sleep (I don't know why) feeling absolutely drained and fragile - couldn't be bothered to do anything, fed up with everything - you know the kind of thing. Well, I had to summon up some energy from somewhere as I needed to walk to the shop as the poor cats had run out of food and I wanted a paper and some magazines to peruse. I thought a walk in the fresh air might waken me up a bit and it would keep my daughter occupied for half an hour - plus give us both some exercise.

It was as though my daughter was picking up on my listlessness as she declined to accompany to me the shop! I explained to her that, unfortunately, she'd have to come or a policeman would come and arrest me for leaving a minor home alone and there would be no one to cook her tea! (A bribe of an ice cream worked wonders too) - and soon she was trotting happily beside me to the shop.

I was a bit worried as much as I like thunder - I only like it if I'm lying in bed, snug and secure, listening to it. It had brightened up a bit so we decided to make a break for it - and I'm pleased to say that neither of us got struck by lightening or drenched with rain!

I got back, still feeling knackered, when the postman arrived and plopped The Link - The National Association of Writers' Groups magazine through my letter box. I dragged myself reluctantly off the sofa and had a quick flick through The Link and noticed a fellow Wrekin Writer, and esteemed mentor /writer/ tutor Simon Whaley had an article in it about rejection!
Well, he certainly gave me the kick up the posteria I needed! I shot bolt upright in my chair and then strode over to my computer, emailed him to say thank you for telling 'me' off, and started on an the article I had rejected but was advised to send elsewhere! Thank you, again, Simon!

We all need someone who will not accept our excuses or imagined inability to write. I wouldn't have written half of what I have without someone like Simon nipping at my heels, egging me on. And I most certainly wouldn't have sent my work out! So listen to your mentor, your writing buddy, or who ever it is that inspires you.

Oh, and while I was emailing Simon I got an email from Woman's Own magazine saying they were going to publish a piece I sent in for their This Weeks Blog section.It will be in the 11th May issue (out 5th May). So that's a good kick and a nice surprise today! It's the fourth time I've sent something in for that - so persistence does pay!

Happy writing! Julie xx


Churchmouse said...

It certainly does! I'm wilting at the moment, trying to do too much, and its good to hear nice things, keeps me going!

Julie P said...

Keep going, Carole! Don't wilt - here have some water! It does you good to have a rest as well though. Take care. Julie xx

Churchmouse said...

Thanks Julie, it's the number of people I provide meals for that adds to the strain, couples of our age who are no longer in good health, and at times there's no 'puff' left for the other things...but I've completed the first edit, now starting at the beginning again!

Julie P said...

Oh yes it's your day for cooking meals isn't it. How's your husband's throat now? Well done on completing your first edit - so nearly there now. It will be worth it in the end. Keep going and good luck. Are you going to the meeting on Saturday?

Churchmouse said...

I've two days a week now, apart from relatives, a friend who has a very serious illness and now she is a regular too, but I can cope, it's just that I've just spent the last two days working until midnight and it's catching up on me. Thanks so much for the concern, Roy is much better, flu over but left him deaf in one ear!
I do hope to be there on Saturday, I just popped to the computer to speak to my friend in Atlanta who is going through hell and was waiting for me to appear to give me an update, but had to dash off to a sick client! So she'll be on line early morning to tell me the rest!
Now I shall calm down, I've lost my lady who does the ironing this week, school holidays, so I shall do something physical, attack the ironing, works well for me. Hugs, and thank you for letting me rattle on...Carole xx