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Saturday, 25 April 2009

Never owe your nephew money!

You may remember that some time ago I got a photo of my daughter and nephew into That's Life magazine and got £50 because they made it into a 'spot the difference' puzzle. Anyway, I'd forgotten to give my nephew his £25 share of the money. He apparently reminded my sister yesterday, " Auntie Juey owes me money, and I want it tomorrow coz I want to buy a Ben 10 toy." (He's five years old!)

I assured him I would be giving him his money today, but then I walked into the utility room to feed the cats. There, lying on the floor, dead, was this huge magpie. I wasn't sure if it was dead at first and I had images of that scene in Alfred Hitchcock's notorious movie, so I poked it nervously with my slippered foot. It was defintely dead, which means that Cody cat must have murdered it outside and then dragged the poor thing through the cat flap.

I was disgusted, and very sad. I mean I know cats do kill birds but I don't like it, and I have given Cody a good telling off this morning. I think it all stemmed from a bout of jealousy yesterday afternoon when his sister Cara cat bought me a leaf as a gift! Cody saw her and obviously thought phah! Call that a gift. I'll get you something you can really call a gift! Much as I admire Cody's devotion, I preferred the leaf. I don't know what I'm going to do to stop him killing again.

Then I had a thought. Had Cody cat really killed it - or was it a mafia style warning from my nephew? Give me the money, or else?!!! I text my sister and told her the saga and she text this back to me. 'What ever you do, don't open the back door or else you might find next door's bunny hanging from the handle.' It was a joke, of course, (well at least I think it was?!) Now I'm really scared! Next doors bunny is adorable and really cuddly. Perhaps I'd better go and bunny's owners to post a 24 hour guard around her. I am most definately giving my nephew the money today - with interest!!


Fee said...

Oh Julie

You can't stop cats killing anything its nature unfortunately.

It must have been a shock finding the magpie. Poor you.

Your post has made me smile.

Make sure you do pay your nephew else you never know what may appear in your house. I have pictures in my head now of a pot with boiling water and a rabbit in it now which film does that come from?

Best wishes and enjoy the rest of your weekend.



Sue Horder-Mason said...

You're lucky Julie, my two cats Tom and Jerry (now chasing mice in the skies) used to bring me home live presents much to my horror and Chris and Dan's amusement.

Suzanne said...

Your cats obviously love you loads. And if your nephew is such a good credit controller at the age of 5, he's going to get far in life.