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Wednesday, 1 April 2009


No I'm not talking haemorrhoids here! I'm talking about my highly impractical, teetering, and what I loosely call my filing system - It's a wanabe filing system. It has illusions of grandeur and aspires to be something bigger and more organised (Is that my husband I hear laughing in the background, as the words 'Julie' and 'organised' don't usually go in the same sentence!)

I am ashamed to say that my work space is terribly untidy. I do try, not very hard admittedly, to keep it tidy, but then life gets in the way and no sooner have I got it into something resembling tidy, I turn around and whilst my back is turned the untidy fairy comes and messes it all up again!

My filing system is this: I have piles; I have sub piles on my main piles, and on top of those I have sub,sub piles. It's like a family tree. The ancestors of the piles carrying on the family tradition of the piles that have gone before them! And yes it is painful.

As my excuse, I used to say the old classic that I knew exactly where everything was in every pile. And wobetide anyone who moved any of my piles - or, horrors, tried to tidy my workspace up! But I can't use that excuse now as I have no clue what lurks towards the bottem of my cupboard. I'm hanging my head in shame.

But Spring is in the air. The birds are singing, the flowers are beginning to bloom, the buds are coming out on the trees and the weather is milder and the urge to spring clean is growing stronger. So if anyone needs me I shall have my head shoved in a deep dark cupboard rummaging amongst my piles in an attempt to tidy up. Who knows what gems (or horrors) I may find in there. It already has its own ecosystem in there and I'm sure I can hear the distant sounds of monkeys and elephants and the roar of a tiger late in the evening.

I'm hoping that by spring cleaning my cupboard I will also spring clean my mind and my creativity will receive a boost - out with the old and in with the new, and less is more will be my new mantra. If You don't see me blogging on here in the next few weeks could someone please inform my husband that I'm lost somewhere deep in my work space cupboard so he can launch a search party to rescue me, Thank you.

Happy sorting and writing - and may you never have to suffer with piles as bad as mine!


Simon Whaley said...

Julie, there is nothing wrong with piles as long as you don't sit on them. You need to do something with them. If ever you feel 'stuck' and unsure what to write, sort your piles out. You'd be surprised how often you come across a bit of paper and suddenly remember an idea about a short story or article you were going to write. Next thing you know, you're writing it (and not sorting your piles out).

So to continue your piles analogy, having a good clear out may be painful, but can leave you feeling re-invigorated once again! Writers should play with their piles more often!

Julie P said...

Ooh I say! I fully intend to sort my piles out I've already found a couple of half completed short stories I'd forgotten about - so it's well worth the elbow grease.

Simon Whaley said...

Elbow grease and piles! Now there's an unusual combination!

klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
A matter of 'piles and tribulations'.
I try to face (no, not literally) piles and piles of piles with smiles. Well that's sorted.
Have fun with your spring cleaning. Hopefully there will be no need for a search party. Hmmm... what's that sound coming from the work space cupboard? :-)

Julie P said...

Now, now Mr Whaley, do behave yourself! Elbow grease works wonders on a lot of things.

Julie P said...

Thank you Klahanie! I have made it out of my cupboard safe and well, but I'll have to go back in soon as I ran out of rope!