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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

The trouble with technology

Oh dear! I'm not having much luck with my equipment today. The trials of trying to be a writer eh? Does anyone else experience technical difficulties with their printers? Or is it just me? The flippin' thing was working perfectly about an hour ago but it has now decided to have a major tantrum and tells me on the screen that is now printing my document. It makes all the right noises but no paper comes out the other end. (Yes I have made sure that there is paper in it in the first place - and it's loaded correctly, with a half full printer cartridge in situ!

I was doing so well too! I'd finished two articles and was just printing them out for editing purposes when the printer gave up. Maybe it's gone all eco friendly and is trying to reduce my carbon foot print. Who knows! So I have decided to try the ancient remedy of turning the printer off and walking away from it (before I am driven to fling it out of the window!) I will turn it on later tonight when my husband is back and can restrain me when I'm in full techno rage flight! It will probably work perfectly for him, making me look like an idiot - as usual!

Happy writing and printing! An annoyed Julie xx


Suzanne said...

I hate printers - and have a suspicion that they hate me.

Hope you get your problem sorted.

Julie P said...

Hi, Suzanne! No, it's still ongoing. Even dear husband couldn't coax it to perform. Never mind. I might just have to get a new one if we can't get it to work. Mind you, I haven't tried it yet today, so we'll see what happens. I have to say that I am very disappointed by it! I thought the printer was my friend! I gave it everything it asked for - more paper, a new cartridge, a day off on Sundays! And this is how it repays me. Phah! (Maybe the threat of me buying a new one will make it behave!)

Simon Whaley said...

In the words of the great IT department of my previous employers - Herefordshire Council - have you tried switching it off and then switching it on again?

Oh, the IT department drove me up the wall. They got paid £15k a year for being a 'helpdesk technician' yet this is all the advice many used to give. Trouble is - when you're a self-employed writer, there is no IT helpdesk, and suddenly they feel like a really useful bunch of guys to have around.

Alternatively if switching it off and then on doesn't work, try threatening it with the recycling centre. Sometimes I've found that works.

Julie P said...

Hi, Simon. Yes that's the first thing I did. I even unplugged all the wires and plugged them back , turned it all on again, varied the amounts of paper I put in to see if that helped, but no! I'll have another go at it tonight - the ruddy thing! I shouted at it today "You see! Simon says I should take you to the recycling centre if you don't behave!" I have now left it to have a big think about what I said!

Fee said...

I had to unplug the hub yesterday several times to get the thing to work. In the end it did.

If you want someone who has some IT knowledge to come around and give it a go I am more than happy to help. Perhaps this threat will get it going.

Best of luck