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Friday, 17 April 2009

What's happening at the weekend?

We're coming up to the end of the Easter hols and I dread to think how much chocolate I have consumed over this period! Probably enough to produce enough energy to power my laptop for the next month. If only I could think of a way of harnessing that energy! Hey, I just had a thought. I think I've come up with a solution to global warming. If we all ate more chocolate and could release that energy, somehow, to produce the energy needed to power the world, we could kill two cabbages with one feather - stop global warming and keep everyone fit, while they eat as much chocolate as they want, without gaining weight, or releasing harmful gasses into the atmosphere! You heard it here first.

Now where was I? Oh yes, what's happening at the weekend. Well, it's been a funny old week for me, writing wise. I've had an article accepted for The Link (NAWG) magazine, (hurrah!).I've also had an email from Woman's Own saying they're going to use a piece I sent in for their This Week's Blog section, to be published in May.(Double hurrah!)

I haven't had any rejections this week (so far). Oh no, I've jinxed it now and the postman is probably struggling with his bag, weighted down by the hundreds of rejection slips and returned manuscripts for me!

I managed to send a letter into the Daily Express and the Shropshire Star newspapers - this time they are positive letters and not my usual rants about the injustice of the world. (That probably means they won't get in.) Oh yes, someone commented to me about something they heard another writer query about whether writing letters to newspapers and magazines is actually writing. Yes,it is, as you're putting pen to paper or fingers to keyboard and constructing sentences that make sense, are concise and make your point. And you have to shape it to the style of the mag/newspaper you target; that takes skill. Okay, it's not in the same league as a Booker Prize winner - but it's writing, all the same.

I sent two short stories off to two different women's mags via email yesterday. I found it worse than standing at a postbox with my hand hovvering, clutching the envelope, taking ages to let go and trying to grab it back before it hits the bottem! I don't know why. Does anyone else get second thoughts and want to cry once their manuscript has gone? If you're ever around Telford, or Muchwenlock and you see this strange woman in her late thirties on her hands and knees clawing at a post box and wailing - give her a wide berth and get out of there as soon as you can! It will be me.

When I hit the send button, for some strange reason I thought it would take longer to send, it was going to Australia after all! That's how my warped mind works folks!

My mood seems to have swung wildly this week between absolute joy and insatiable enthusiasm for writing, with lots of ideas coming to me, and me scribbling notes in the middle of the night, to indifference and lethargy - I'm never going to get anything published or write again type despair!

Ah yes, I have digressed, again. Don't worry, my rambling will be over soon. I promise. This weekend. Tomorrow is Wrekin Writer meeting day, which I love. I might be a bit late, though, as I won't be coming direct from home - things to do and people to see that I can't get out of. On Sunday we are having to abandon the usual jaunt to my dad's in Muchwenlock as it's Fifi day.

Anyone with kids, or grandkids under the age of five, or those of you who watch cbeebies in secret (you know who you are!) will know what I mean! Oh yes, I shall be sitting in a theatre, surrounded by over excited, sugar-high fuelled, high pitched kiddies singing the Fifi and the flowertot's theme tune! Wish me luck!

Happy Writing. Julie xx


Suzanne said...

Oh well done, Julie. What a fab writing week.
Am sending positive thoughts for your subs, and can't wait to read your hits.


Julie P said...

Thanks Suzanne! Hope you are okay and making lots of subs too!I'm all sixes and sevens today though - better not send anything off in this state! My mind is just buzzing! Think I have a cold, headaches, muzzy head, ears blocked, that sort of thing.

Take care and happy subbing!