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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

The writing journey continues.

The Spring Clean is almost at an end, with the spare bedroom now actually looking like a bedroom and not the back room of a second hand store! We are a chair less in the front room - it broke some time ago and has now been resigned to the great chair heaven. And I have to say, I do feel better for the cleaning and clearing. We have more room, and a lot of junk, both in the house and in my mind has gone to the tip - where it should have gone months, if not years ago.

So, I am ready to start again. Today I posted a short story into the Writers' News comp - First Line. After the last throes of editing and re-editing, where I either want to give up or throw the manuscript out of the window, followed by the computer (I'm sure most of us have been there/are there now!) comes the time when I am excited and proud that I actually finished something and I can send it off. It is a big achievement to be able to sit there and write a complete short story, poem, article or book, and I always allow myself to let the satisfaction flow over me and pat myself on the back for a job done.

So, if you have finished some writing recently, then let yourself feel excited and proud of what you have achieved. Not everyone can do it - remember that. Or, if you're in the middle of a piece of writing and can't see the wood for the trees and you've lost sight of your creativity and drive to write, hang on in there. You've finished a piece of writing before and you'll finish this one. It will be worth it in the end. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you're just starting something, congratulations! All that potential in a clean, crisp, blank notebook, or a new document on your computer - fantastic.

I'm waiting for my complimentary copy of First Edition, with my poem in it, to come. I can hardly contain myself as I'm really surprised and so happy that something I wrote made it in to a magazine. It's a small thing - but the boost to my confidence has been huge. But I won't believe it's really been published until I see it in black and white.

I had a letter published in Mslexia magazine this month too, but also had a short story returned from BEST magazine. This was expected as they no longer have a fiction section.

Over the next couple of weeks I will be sending out the last of the short stories I've written (six of them) to various magazines. Once I've done that I'll be going over the declined ones I've already recieved back and checking them through to send out again. It's all go, and just the way I like it.

I was going through a poetry stage recently but I seem to have come to a stand still there. I find that I can't force a poem or short story - they find me when they're ready.

On the article front, I have one 'out there' waiting for a decision, and a proposal that I'm waiting for a mag to get back to me on. I have another article idea for a health mag that I'm currently writing. I even got as far as phoning a chap I wanted to interview for my article and thankfully he said yes. I've emailed him the questions but he's languishing in Barcelona for the Easter hols and has promised to answer my questions on his return! I was really surprised he said yes(I sat there with my mouth wide open goldfishing it in shock when he said yes). All this waiting is so frustrating but I feel I'm getting somewhere with the article writing.

Whether you write for your own amusement, or with a view to getting published, I wish you well on your writing journey. Remember, you are one of many writers all over the world who are so lucky to be able to indulge in your passion of writing. You have many people sharing in your successes and 'not this times'. There will always be a 'next time' if you carry on doing what you love - writing. You have the support and knowledge of other writers.

Happy writing. Julie xx


Churchmouse said...

Really enjoyed your writing adventures, and do hope you'll include the published poem on your blog. My first love is poetry, but I began writing novels when the mad idea of replacing my teacher's salary with money from poetry didn't work out. The BBC semt me £3 a poem for the couple they broadcast....xx

Fee said...

Wow Julie you are so busy I don't how you manage to fit everything in.

I am currently taking five minutes at a time to keep on going.

I love your blog it inspires me. I know what you mean about seeing something in black and white it really makes it real.

Best wishes.


Julie P said...

Only when I saw my poem in the magazine did I believe it! It feels very surreal. I'm taking some time out over Easter to recharge. I Need to pace myself better. Was feeling worryingly down about my writing recently, but I'm climbing back up the mountain again now. Five mins at a time sounds a good way to go. Don't want to yourself out or make yourself ill.

Take care. Julie.