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Monday, 20 April 2009

You'll have to shout!

I knew I wasn't quite right on Saturday; some may argue I've never been right, but that's open to debate! I think we writers have to have a spot or quirkiness, or oddness about us, don't you? It makes life more interesting, I find.

Anyway, Saturday. Wrekin Writers' meeting day. Those of you who regularly read this blog will know that I absolutely adore going to Wrekin Writers. It's something I always look forward to - a glimmer of hope and fun on the horizon of the frustrations and the mundane trudge that life can sometimes be. They inspire me so much, and I know I wouldn't be half as creative as I have been without them. Thank you for that.

But, I woke up late on Saturday morning feeling dreadful. My ears were blocked, I had stomach ache, and to say I was less than enthusiatic would be an understatement. But, I hate to miss a meeting, and by the time it was time to go - I was feeling reasonable, but not 100%. I made it through the meeting in a blur - I definately had a temperature, and by the time the meeting was over I had to dash off as I felt faint and was worried they might have had to scrape me off the floor! It was strange as I'd be fine, joining in with the banter and laughing one minute, but the next feeling sick.

By the time I got home I was shaking like a leaf and extremely hot, then I went freezing cold. I spent the rest of Saturday and most of Sunday in bed. I have improved now, but I can't hear anything so you'll have to shout!

I thought that I had fallen out of love with Wrekin Writers. I just didn't enjoy this meeting as I normally do. It was great meeting Carole, of Churchmouse fame, though, and seeing the usual friendly faces, but I was quite worried about how I felt. I felt it was very crowded - we had a lot more members there than usual, and I don't do well in crowds - I tend to get a bit panicky. And I was dreading reading out my Chairman's Challenge. My speech isn't great anyway, I tend to stutter a bit and mix my words up, or pronounce them wrongly - but that's down to the alcohol (joke!) But in front of a lot of people it get's worse. I just couldn't relax - it was strange, because I know, and trust a lot of the members of Wrekin Writers well, but it's put me off doing any more challenges as I really don't want to read mine out anymore.

After the meetings I am usually all fired up and ready to get creative! But not this time. I am putting it down to having been ill, and hope I will get back into the swing of things by next meeting.

On a positive note, I sent a poem into the Guardian poetry workshop last night. They have a different theme each month. You go on line and read the blurb from the particular poet who is running the workshop that month - they give you some writing exercises to do and you are encouraged to send in the poems you come up with. Mine was a sonnet involving Zola Budd falling in love on the surface of Mars! (You'll have to log on to the Guardian's website to see what I mean!) I can tell you're intrigued now! The poems that interested the workshop poet the most, get published on line and commented on by the workshop poet. I dread to think what he'd say about mine!

Go on, give a go. I think this months deadline has passed, but why not try it next month.

Happy writing. Julie xx


Fee said...

Dear Julie

I hope you feel really better soon. I am glad we didn't have to scrape you off the floor and that you made it home safely.

Best of luck with the poem in the Guardian.

I know what you mean about crowds. I hope you do come to the May meeting you may really enjoy it far more than Saturday as you have to put this down to being ill.

Sue is going to run a short story work group meeting at 9 am in the writing clinic time so it should help us.

I really hope things improve for you soon.

Enjoy your writing you know you are good at it.

Best wishes


Suzanne said...

I hate crowds, too. And people who stand too close to me in queues.

Hope you feel better soon.

Lovely photo. Your wee girl is a real cutie.


Julie P said...

What is it about some crowds that make me so nervous?! It's silly really. I hate people who stand too close to me too! Feeling much better tonight, but still can't hear much. I have a buzzing, whooshing noise in my ear and it's driving me crazy! Tonight I am in poetry mode. My husbands on nights and my daughter's gone to bed so I can write and edit my poems to my heart's content!

She's too cute sometimes and she knows it! She has been known to try and use her cuteness to get her own way! But she's lovely. a great inspiration, and very entertaining.

Churchmouse said...

Thanks, Julie, it was great to meet you too, but there is never much time in these situations. I felt like you do, about reading aloud etc. but I've had such a battering in my life that it completely obliterated any timidity, and now I am not bothered about much at all.

Just be yourself, be proud of your lovely personality, your attractiveness, your kindness and warmth that I recognised.

When someone is obviously struggling in the situation you mention, the people around you are not thinking negative things, they are mentally cheering you on, willing you to succeed, and you must hold that thought.

Much love, Carole.