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Sunday, 3 May 2009

Attingham book fair

A great time was had by all, I think! Great weather, if a little chilly in the wind, but it was a great turn out with more people arriving even as I left at two thirty pm. I enjoyed trying to get the visitors interested in entering the Wrekin Writers competition, to write 100 words or less about their experience at Attingham.

It was also nice just to sit and chat as we only usually meet each other at the Wrekin Writers meetings once a month. It was nice to get out 'in the field' and look at all our talented member's books and other talented writers in Shropshire selling their books. They really are an inspiring , diverse, and hugely talented group who write about everything and everything! I am so very proud to be a member.

I bought a couple of copies of the Wrekin Writers 2008 anthology for my relatives, and I also bought Carole Ann Carr's (Churchmouse on blogspot) 'First Wolf.' book and I'm looking forward to reading this. The cover alone is inticing and mysterious - perfect! I just had to buy a copy of Diane Perry's (nee Parry) '100 ways for a chicken to train it's human' I felt I must get one seeing as it was her fabulous chickens that inspired me to write the story that eventually got taken by That's Life Australia! My first sale! So I'm all booked out now.

Maybe I should consider trying to write book .............

Happy writing! Julie xx


Fee said...


You have the talent to write a book just go for it and have a go that is what it is all about.

Best of luck


Suzanne said...

It sounds like you had a great day.

Agree with Fee - you definitely have the talent to write a book.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Fee and Suzanne! I'm seriously considering it. I know how much hard work it is to write a novel, though, and I'm just churning around a few ideas in my head at the moment. It's not something I want to embark on lightly so I don't think it will be something I'll be starting straight away.

Writing novels is a whole different ball game from writing short stories, and I'm hoping to get a few more of them published first. But it's a goal to work towards!