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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Beautiful day

Well it's been a beautiful day here in Shropshire, despite a light shower of rain this am. The sun is shining brightly now, but the clouds are threatening to bring more rain. I've been up to our modest local playground with my daughter (I don't play on the swings by myself, honest!) And we went to the shop too. (No armed robbers sighted this time you'll be pleased to know.)

It's amazing how a bit of bright sunshine can really cheer you up, not that I need cheering up, but it makes you feel just those few degrees better than okay, don't you think? We met one of my daughter's nursery friends on the way to the shop and the little girl couldn't understand why we were walking down the road near her house and not at nursery! My daughter then asked me how her friend knew it was her as she was wearing different clothes to when she was at nursery this morning!! Kids do make me laugh.

If you are lucky enough to have children yourself, or if you don't, but have overheard something funny a child has said, then how about submitting a couple of up to 100 word anecdotes about the things kids say to a Dr Barnardo's forthcoming charity anthology. You'll find the details on the United Press Website.

I've already sent two pieces, one about something my daughter said to my sister and to her nursery teacher about my bottom! And the other about her saying something rude about a man in front of us in the queue at a cash machine! Oh how we laughed! (not).

After yesterday's thrilling events of a visit to Staples, my Moleskine note books arriving, and realising I'd had a letter published in Writers' Forum and won another moleskine notebook, today has been rather quiet by comparison. In fact the only thing 'exciting' that happened today was when my daughter came out of nursery clutching a yoghurt pot full of cress which we trimmed and she had in a sandwhich for lunch - oh and my postal voting papers came through! Now who shall I vote for I wonder? Who the jibbins are UKIP, The English Democrats , The Jury Team and No2eu?!!! These pesky politicians eh?

I've had no news on any of my short stories that are out there so far. I did a quick count and I have five out at the moment, Some have been out for a month, and some for two weeks. I hate the waiting, but I am determined to follow my own advice that was handed down to me by those who know what the hell they're doing, and have been published many times over, and just keep writing them and sending them out. It worked for me with having one short story published in Australia but I'm hoping to get a few more published as well - and in this country!

I'm also currently compiling a list of the short stories that were declined so I can look at them again with a view to sending them out somewhere else. I've already done this with one that I sent in to a competition with Writers' Forum and Woman's Weekly - I've rejigged it and sent it to My Weekly. We shall see. I'm still as enthusiastic as ever and loving writing (especially now I've written in one of my moleskine notebooks!)

Did anyone see the wonderful Why Poetry Matters programme after the Chelsea Flower Show last night with Griff Rhys Jones? It was very inspiring, I thought. I haven't seen any of the other programmes associated with it, but I really enjoyed that one. Not sure about slam poetry I think it was called - it's a type of performance poetry and is very happenin' and now apparently. I think we Wrekin Writers should try it an the Writers' Bash!! (Don't forget I'm a geriactric mother - I shouldn't get over excited in case my teeth fall out or I wet myself!) I have now nominated my plain moleskine notebook as my poetry notebook.

The salad leaves seeds I planted last week have taken full advantage of the sunshine and have sprouted already, but the runner bean plant looked a bit tired yesterday - it's leaves were a bit too floppy for my liking so I've moved t and watered it and it seems better today. We are going to build my daughter a raised bed so she can have her own patch of veg and herbs she's grown herself. She grinned like a Chesire cat at that idea - she wants all her nursery friends to come and see it when it's done!

Also a much better atmosphere at the nursery door too. They (the young whipper snapper mothers) were gloating yesterday about how it was better to have kids when you're 'young' ie under thirty, and that they would be free and able to do their own thing whilst still being young enough to enjoy it. I think it was that story about the 66 year old pregnant woman that sparked it all off.

They seem to have this notion that anyone over the age of twenty five is antiquated and their days are numbered!! They think older parents have no energy and are going die and leave their kids with no parents. I just mentioned buses and Jade Goody. You could get run over by a bus or die tragically young like Jade Goody. This went down like a lead balloon. The majority of the Whipper Snapper Mum's smoke and drink - I just don't get how they think they are any fitter than me at the grand old age of thirty eight who doesn't smoke or drink. Or how they figure out that it's a given we geriactric parents won't live long enough to see our kids grow up. No one can know that. It was interesting to listen to them, and I think I'm turning into my mother !

Don't forget to look into your own life and experiences for your writing ideas. I have plenty of material to write about just by listening in at the school gates - easy research! Look around you and pay attention and you may just pull an idea out of the ether and get it published.

Best of luck, and happy sunny writing! Julie xx

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