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Friday, 15 May 2009

Child's Play

I have a little helper when I'm thinking up new stories now. I have an extending folder where I file various pictures from magazines that I've cut out to help inspire me. There are pictures of people, animals, houses, rooms, objects, gardens among other things, and I pull out one picture from several sections and lay them on the floor, moving them around until a story line or a situation or a character springs to mind and I can make a story.

But now I have secret weapon in my story writing arsenal. My daughter! She knows I have this file and asks me if she can 'make a story' from the pictures in the file. She picks out the pictures and lays them out and tells me the story they make! She loves it, and so do I. (I'll have to make sure she doesn't copyright them before I can use them !)

Why not give it a try yourself. If a four year old can do it, and find it enjoyable, then you might too. I know I do. At the one end of the scale it's just a bit of fun to help kick start your creativity but at the other, it might inspire you to write a short story that gets published.

Tomorrow is Wrekin Writers' day! I can't believe it's come around again so quickly. Apart from last month when I was invaded by the dready lurgy and couldn't hear very well, I'm really looking forward to going this time and getting my writing enthusiasm, motivation, & inspiration tanks refilled.

See you there tomorrow if you're going. Keep writing and enjoy it! Julie xxx


Carole Anne Carr (B Ed.Hons, H.Dip.Theology, Office of Reader) said...

Look forward to seeing you there, and a marvellous idea to be able to share with your daughter, lucky you. Hugs...x

Carole Anne Carr (B Ed.Hons, H.Dip.Theology, Office of Reader) said...

Sorry about the long ending to my name, but like you I am willing to try anything to 'get there'. Don't know if it will make a difference, I doubt is...hugs...x