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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Come On Fellow Poets!

I was leafing through my local paper this evening (I have another letter published 'incognito' in there) and I saw a call for poems. It's a national competition and the winning entries will be published in an anthology called The National Poetry Anthology. If chosen, your poem will be in the book and you'll receive a copy of it, and if your poem wins overall, you'll get £1000! All together now Ooooooooh!

Poems can be up to 20 lines (160 words) . You can send up to three poems, and it's free to enter. What have you got to lose? Come on all you Wrekin Writers and those Poetry Street poets - lets get as many entries from Shropshire in there as we can!

Send poems to:

United Press Ltd,
Admail 3757,

Further details at www.unitedpress.co.uk

Happy poetry writing!


Pinkerbell said...

Ooo. This looks like a good option. Worth a shot anyway, although have you put into a competition like this before? I fear I'd be down wondering what they really thought of my poem...

Pinkerbell said...

Hello, by the way, I've come visiting from Fee's blog...

Julie P said...

Hi, Pinkerbell! And welcome! No, I haven't put a poem into a comp like this before - I saw it in our local newspaper and just thought it looked interesting. I don't know if they do what it says on the tin, but I know Fee has sent one in, so I think it's a case of sending stuff in and waiting and seeing.

However, more recently, I have to say someone has had a word in my ear and told me that some competititions like this have been a bit tricky claiming it to be free entry with prizes and then asking 'winners' to pay for the resulting anthology! Tut Tut! I can't comment on this particular competition as I've never entered it before. But as in all comps my advice would be to proceed with caution! But have fun -

Julie xx