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Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Fantasy Writer's Day

We all have dreams and fantasies, they are the temporary get out clause for our sometimes mundane and difficult lives. They give us hope and something to work towards, inspire and cajole us from our inertia into action. When life gets too much we can kick back and go into the deeper recesses of our brains and enjoy the show!

My ideal writing day goes something like this. I wake up naturally, without the shrill, brain shaking alarm. I have a leisurely breakfast of the vegetarian breakfast variety:veggie sausage, veggie bacon, egg, mushrooms, baked beans and tomato sauce, and a nice cup of tea. I would peruse the day's papers, then get up and shower and dress.

I'd look through my emails from my agent saying that my book has found a publisher and I have a six book, six figure deal (come on, work with me here - it's only fanasty remember!) I have several short stories in all the major women's magazines, and my poetry anthology is selling like hot cakes! I have invites from This Morning, The Alan Titchmarsh Show and other suitable shows where I can talk about my writing.

I'd then go to my Wrekin Writers' meeting and have a good old laugh and chin wag with fellow writers. We'd all go for a nice lunch and do more writing talk. When I got home I'd go for a nap for an hour (after all that writing talk I'd need it!) Then, weather permitting, I'd take my notebooks (Moleskine of course) and laptop out into the garden and fire her up and type up my latest best seller while being interviewed over the phone by some suitable glossy magazine researcher. I'd have to have never ending cups of tea and a nice slice of cake for afternoon tea, and have an another nap.

Then I'd drive up to wherever this year's Writer's Retreat will be (I hear on the grapevine that it might be in Cumbria) and spend a lovely few days with the Wrekin Writers retreating! An event not to be missed, I can tell you. Have a look on You Tube or the Wrekin Writers' website if you don't believe me! A weekend of fun, lunacy, great company, oh - and we also do a bit of writing when we have to.

Writing can be a terribly lonely job or hobby, and I know it certainly does me good to get out and about once in a while, to meet with other writers and engage in conversation with other people. It also is a good idea to get out generally and try new experiences - give ourselves things to write about. They say write about what you know - well expand what you know by doing something different, talking to people with other experiences and knowledge that you don't have and learn something.

Some Writers enjoy the solitude of working alone and detest going out of their comfort zone into the 'real' world. To some extent I'm a bit like that; Sometimes I just want to hide away and just get on with the writing process, grumpy at any interuptions. But I also sometimes feel quite isolated and would give anyone my last rolo for some company and the opportunity to talk to other writers and non-writers alike.

I went into Ironbridge with a fellow Wrekin Writer and my daughter yesterday and we had a wonderful time. We had lunch in one of the cafes I'd been in as part of my 'research' for an article, and we had a browse through the shops and walked over the famous Ironbridge itself. To my embarrassment I couldn't recall how old the bridge is having forgotten it says the date it was built on it somewhere! I've only lived in Shropshire for thirty eight years, give or take the four I was down in Devon, you'd think I'd have picked up a few historical facts on the way wouldn't you?!

We had a lovely afternoon until my fellow Wrekin Writer's car tyre spectacularly disintegrated on the way back to my house. There was this suspicious knocking sound that got louder and louder and we had to pull over - the tyre had ripped all the way round. So, being the strong and independent modern women that we are we did the most sensible thing and called for a man who can! (I can hear the cries of anger from the feminists all too clearly!) My daughter said we should call the Power Rangers (her latest toy and cartoon craze) but we just had to make do with the Wrekin Writer's member's husband!! Who gallantly dismounted his white charger (Well, silver Toyota car thingie actually) and changed the wheel, while she gave us a lift home! It was pelting it down with rain and sleet at this point - but did we feel guilty and sorry for her poor partner? Nooooooo! Well, a little bit, maybe - but isn't that what men are for?

It's the middle of the week already and half term is nearly over. I haven't managed to do much writing this week as I have my lovely daughter for company and hubby is at work. I did manage to sit outside, I think it was Sunday night, and wrote a couple of short stories. Now this isn't quite as impressive as it sounds - I'd had the ideas in my head for ages and I just wrote them out in their full first draft form - when I say write, I mean scribble! I had bought some new bigger sizes Moleskine notebooks that afternoon so it would have been rude not to adulterate their pages!

I won't get chance to polish them up for some time, what with half term, Springwatch (and the lovely Simon King on the box) I don't know, what's a woman to do with Allan Titchmarsh and the Chelsea Flower Show on the box last week and now Springwatch for the next three weeks?! I'm also too busy with writing more articles for the Shropshire website. I got another letter in the local newspaper yesterday, this time about the proposed open cast mine they want to do not far from my vicinity - so I gave UK Coal what for! I'm back to my full local newspaper letter rants now!

The book I won over on Strictly Writing has also come. It's 'Earth Inc.' by Michael Bollen. I'm looking forward to reading that, when I have the time, as the books from Amazon I ordered for the Open Uiniversity course 'Children's literature' came yesterday. I'm 3/4 of the way through Kate Mosse's 'Sepulchre' at the moment which is an excellent book. As you can see it's all systems go here. But I wouldn't trade any of it to go back to nursing, and my old life - despite the rejections (sorry, declinations) and the hard work, I still love writing and won't ever give it up.

What's your fantasy writing day? Happy fantasising!

Julie xx


Simon Whaley said...

I've just deleted everything I'd written here because I suddenly realised that you were asking for our fantasy 'writing' days!

PS - Like the new look to the blog by the way.

Julie P said...

Now now behave yourself! Yes I thought I'd go for a change of image!

Suzanne said...

Sounds like a good day, Julie.

Julie P said...

Thank you, Suzanne! The thought of my fantasy writing day is never far from my mind and keeps me going!

Fee said...


You are an inspiration you got me to update my blog yesterday with a fantasy post.

Thank you.

Best wishes