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Monday, 18 May 2009

Guilty Pleasure and great excitement

I have a secret. I have a passion for something and I am slightly embarrassed by my yearnings! Just thinking about it sends tingles of electricity down my spine. So far I have been able to satisfy my cravings by just holding one of them, caressing it, smelling it's sweet bouquet discreetly in a remote corner of a shop. Hiding.

I could never buy one - far too expensive and decadant for the likes of a wannabe writer like me. I'm more of a Tesco value range girl. Buy one get one free special offer kind of girl. Nothing wrong with that, I like to save money where I can.

But I did promise myself that when I got a short story published I would allow myself to buy a little something that I desired, and I'm so excited! Having had confirmation from Australia and my bank that the payment is in my account I have thrown caution to the wind and purchased not one but two large MOLESKINE notebooks.

Wooh! I'm quite breathless and giddy with delight! I've been on the Moleskine website this evening, whilst watching The Chelsea Flower show (Alan Titchmarsh is another of my not so secret fantasy guilty pleasures, but we won't go into that! Laugh if you must!). I have ordered a large lined notebook and a large plain notebook. I shall be hounding my poor postman everyday until he hands me the glorious package!

So what's your guilty writing pleasure then? Come on! Confession is good for the soul! (I know Nicola has a fetish for notebooks!) So just for Nicola, there are some photos of my daughter's purple note book and her writing at the top of this post - enjoy!

Happy writing! Julie


klahanie said...

Greetings Julie,
Ah notebooks! Just like the good old days before computers and for that matter, typewriters, electric or manual. Pen and a notebook, what bliss!
I must admit that I have a notebook at the ready beside my bed. This is in case I come up with a brilliant thought to write in my blog. Oh well, the pages are blank.
My guilty writing pleasure is attempting to write surreal, disjointed blogs. That, for me, is great fun.
Happy notebooking, Julie. Wishing you well in your ongoing writing endeavours. Kind wishes, Gary.

Julie P said...

You should never leave home without one, Gary! I always keep one by my bed too. I find your blog very interesting - so maybe you don't have to make notes and edit it, as I do. It seems to come naturally to you - you lucky thing! Looking forward to your next blog.

Wrekin Writers said...

Only two? My total collection now extends to 31, of which 15 are full. Two of the unused ones are A4 sized - a brand new size just launched, which I bought from Amazon. Not sure if they are too big though.

Anyway, enjoy unwrapping them and writing in them!

Julie P said...

Ah yes! Talking about unwrapping them reminds me of a certain gentleman's workshop on falling in love with writing again!! I'd better unwrap them in private!!

This is just the start! If they live up to my high expectations (you are talking to a Tesco value woman here) then I shall buy some more - I feel fetish coming on!

Fee said...

Enjoy your notebooks Julie.

Perhaps we could have said as our pens are worth £25 from a certain local newspaper we could have swapped a pen for at least one notebook. So Beware a certain person who did that writing workshop Julie is referring to.

Best wishes.


Julie P said...

The first pen I won for letter of the week in that newspaper was worth £60! I never use it, but maybe I should when my 'posh' notebooks come!

Nicola said...

Warn your daughter to lock up that purple notebook! The only thing that would make it even more covetable (is that a word??) would be if it had squared paper inside...

Julie P said...

Sorry to disappoint you, Nicola! But, alas, tis only plain paper inside - maybe her notebook is safe after all! I can't wait for mine to come - come on that postman!!