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Thursday, 14 May 2009

Scatty day

I just cannot settle today! I'm having one of my non-writing days and I always get a bit twitchy when I know I'm not going to be able to write. Left to my own devices I would be writing from dawn to dusk, seven days a week, so I have to physically sit on my hands and try and distract myself from thinking about writing. It's not easy.

It wasn't too bad this morning as I had to walk my daughter to school and back home again, so I was able to let myself become engrossed in day time telly - The Wright Stuff (can't stand Jeremy Kyle) and This Morning (I only watch to be able to enter the competitions! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it!) I might even get some ideas for stories if I watch them too. But this afternoon it's been a bit more challenging, hence this blog! I got the 'fairy grow your own flowers' kit out and planted flower seeds with my daughter! She already had a runner bean plant on the go, and there will be a broad bean plant soon.

She was given the runner and broad bean seeds from nursery. They've apparently been learning about plants and have sowed some seeds in the garden, so we are carrying it on at home. I managed to grow some tomato plants and courgette plants two years ago in my back garden. The plants were prolific and we had endless tomatoes and Courgettes! I haven't had the time or the inclination to do it since, but seeing Isobel so excited by the bean seeds I think I'm getting the urge to grow my own again! This will please my husband as he had to take up a bit of the lawn last time I had such urges, and erect a mini green house on the patio!

I might even find a few seeds of creativity planting themselves in my mind as I grow my own veg. I have visions of sitting in the garden, in the sunny weather, after I've tended to my plants
tapping away endless short stories on my laptop! I don't think it will happen that often, though, what with the unpredictable British Summer weather,oh yes, and there's the small matter of the six week school holidays after which my baby will be five and going to school proper! (Where did the time go?)

I've just send a letter to TAB Fiction Feast as I sent two stories to them back in early Feb and have heard nothing since. Their guidelines say to contact them after 12 weeks if no contact from them, so I have. I didn't want to do it though as I know the editors are busy and I think I can guess that they've been declined already. I've still heard nothing back from my other short stories and poems out there, but will keep you posted, warts and all!

Over the next few weeks I'll be pulling out all my previously declined short stories, dusting them down and giving them a rejig to see if they'll be suitable to send out somewhere else. I've also got nine Christmas themed short stories that I need to edit, that I wrote back in Nov, Dec '08 and Jan '09. I also did three Halloween themed stories in November that I wrote whilst on retreat, so I have more than enough to be going on with!

I just hope that I manage to get another short story sale soon before I start believing the one I sold to That's Life (Australia) was just a fluke! I'm already thinking it! I realise the only way to go is to keep writing and sending stuff out. A quote on Sue Moorcroft's website has given me great encouragement when she said she got her short stories written and published through bloody-mindedness! I can do lots of that!

Happy writing, and may your writing ambitions be fulfilled.

PS Oh yes, has anyone else got a strange fascination for the Jonas Brothers, or is that just me? Oh hum - forget I said anything!


Churchmouse said...

Love to hear about your day, scatty or not! Carole xx

Julie P said...

Thanks , Carole!! I've calmed down now as I've read some people's friend stories and feel all romantic and lovely now! I'm going to do some writing tomorrow as Isobel's in nursery all day. But I'm just going to have to go into Wenlock as well now, to get my fix of Wenlock Books,now that I know you went today!

Carole Anne Carr (B Ed.Hons, H.Dip.Theology, Office of Reader) said...

When next in Wenlock Books, do talk about me, say I'm marvellous, make up what you like, I don't think Anna was too impressed. Hugs and love, Carole xx

Julie P said...

I'm sure she was impressed! I didn't manage to get in to Wenlock today as I got distracted by Telford Town centre and buying some new clothes, but I will be there next week, flying the First Wolf flag!

Carole Anne Carr (B Ed.Hons, H.Dip.Theology, Office of Reader) said...

Bless you for that, she took my book very reluctantly, so I'm grateful for any help I can get. Hugs and love, Carole.