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Friday, 22 May 2009

A Stern Talking To.

I've had to give myself a stern talking to this morning. I am feeling particularly cheesed off with my writing today and I don't know why. Maybe it's the dark clouds looming in the sky that have unnerved me; I don't know.

I've done my usual procrastination activities: Checked and rechecked emails, sent emails, gone on the Open University Forums, and write this blog! I have got as far as pulling up a file containing a new short story I'm working on, but all I've managed to do is stare at it and shake my head! I almost banged my head on the desk! I do not know what is the matter with me.

I love writing, I really do, yet sometimes, like today, I just cannot get my writing spirit going. Does anyone else know what I mean? Today I have this nagging little voice that is getting louder at the back of my mind. It's saying, 'why bother writing a short story as you know it's only going to get declined.' It's really getting to me this morning. Usually I can override it and just carry on writing regardless, but not today.

It's not exactly writer's block as I already know what I want to write, and the story is 3/4 finished, yet ........ I think it's because I'm targetting magazines who have already turned down my previous submissions to them. It's made me nervous and doubt that they will ever publish any story I send to them. Does anyone else get this way sometimes?

I know I've been extremely lucky in getting one short story published and I am still over the moon about that - but it doesn't help when I've got five other short stories out there waiting for a verdict and about ten or twelve stories that have been already been declined. I know the only way forward is to keep reading the magazines and analyzing them, and keep practising writing and sending work out. But sometimes it feels like I'm taking pot shots in the dark, and it's very hard to understand why one story gets accepted whilst others don't. Baffling!

I'm going to have a cup of tea and a biscuit and watch a bit of TV then try and get back to writing later. I know the usual advice seems to be stick at it, chain yourself to the chair, but I can't at the moment! I know I will get over this little hump and carry on writing later today. Maybe I will write the story that gets through and is accepted. I know I definately won't get published if I don't write the stories! It's like an itch that no matter how hard you scratch you never get relief!

I hope everyone else is having a better writing day than I am! Julie xx

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Carole Anne Carr, member of the Society of Authors said...

Hi Julie, just dive into an N.L.P. book or listen to an NLP tape, it works for me all the time, no more highs and lows, writing or otherwise....hugs...