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Sunday, 17 May 2009

Taking Stock

Wonderful Wrekin Writer meeting on Saturday and definately have had my enthusiasm tanks refilled fit to bursting! It was interesting to discuss what inspires the members of Wrekin Writers to write. Also very excited about an upcoming festival (July 4th) in Herefordshire that will be a venue for the local writing groups to show case their work, network and generally have a ruddy good time. The chap who is running it came to our meeting to tell us about it, and we were keen to be involved. It will be nice to see other writing group members, and will provide much inspiration and happiness I'm sure.

I got back from the meeting in a much better mood and state than I did last month. You may remember I got all paranoid and anxious and my ears were blocked and I ended up with the dreaded lurgy. Not so this month. I was on cloud nine and ready to embark on the next months writing agenda. The post had come and I immediately spied my own handwriting on an SAE, so I knew exactly what it was. It contained two of my stories that had been rejected - sorry - declined by Take A break. But I didn't feel sad, angry or disappointed. I just looked at the letter, shrugged, and put them away so I can re edit them and send them somewhere else later.

I must say Take A Break gives a much better rejection letter than People's Friend! I felt much more positive when I read Take A break's letter - it's still a standard letter, but it mentioned that future submisions should be addressed to the fiction editor. FUTURE SUBMISSIONS!!! The fiction editor didn't tell me never to darken her desk with my work again, so even though my two stories were rejected, I have permission to send more work! And I will! I hasten to add that I also recieved a cheque for two articles I sent into the editor of a new Shropshire website coming soon, so a bit of a bitter sweet homecoming really.

I am of the general opinion that with this short story writing mullarky, the attitude to have is to just write the best story you can and target it to the right magazine, send it off, and see what gives. If your story is declined, don't be disheartened, and certainly don't give up, get off the floor, brush yourself down, and write some more!

I'm toying with the idea of entering the Salopian Poetry Society competition this year. I thought about it last year but never got round to it, so I really must mahe the effort this year. Why not have a go at it yourself? There are prizes up to the value of £500 (1st prize £200. 2nd prize £100. 3rd prize £50, with £30 each to three runners up. All the winners also get a years free subscription with the society. See their website for details www.thesalopianpoetrysociety.webeden.co.uk closing date is 31st August so there's still plenty of time to enter.

Happy writing! Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr, member of the Society of Authors said...

It was lovely to see how enthusiastic you are once again. Are you a fan of Carol Ann Duffy or Andrew Motion as I am? Hugs...x

Julie P said...

I haven't really read much of either poets work, but I have an excellent poetry anthology book called 'Staying Alive' edited by Neil Astley, Bloodaxe Books, and both Carol Ann Duffy and Andrew Motion's work is in there. I was reading it last night for inspiration! Oh yes, I've definately got my writing bug back! Thankfully.

Carol Ann Duffy was in Wenlock a few weeks back but I never got to see her, so I'm hoping to see her at the Wellington Festival.

Take care. Julie xx