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Friday, 22 May 2009

Talk About Kicking A Girl When She's Down!

I just knew I was going to get one of my short stories returned, declined, today - knew it! People's Friend again! And this time they sent me a copy of their submission guidelines!! Like I haven't read hundreds of their magazines, and read their guidelines over and over again. Grrrrrrr! It's as though they think I've sent them my stories without reading the magazine - do people actually do that?

I have to say, though, that the rejection note was actually in letter form this time with a reason, and not just a bog standard, cold and impersonal beige tiny slip attached to the returned manuscript screaming NOT FOR PUBLICATION!

After the initial strop and pacing the room wailing like a drama queen "I'm never writing another word ever again!" When I sat down and actually looked at it, I had a change of heart. They rejected the storyline as they felt it wasn't appropriate for "The Friend." They were rejecting the story, not me or my writing. And why would they bother being nice to me by sending me their guidelines if they didn't want me to try again? (Come on I'm clutching at straws here!) It's softened the blow a little and rejuvenated some of my enthusiasm for writing.

I'm actually thankful that they've sent me their guidelines. I do have them and have read them many times, but this isn't a black and white photocopy - it's a full colour glossy! (It's all psychological you know!) I now have the opportunity to read the mags again and write another story to send to them. At least they haven't told me not to send any more work in. The gauntlet has been dropped ..........

I'm feeling better now. It's amazing what a cup of tea and an hour of daytime TV can do for you! And despite the declined story landing on my mat, I actually feel a bit more positive. I've regained some of my fighting spirit. I'll just send that story to someone else who may appreciate it! You never know! I've got the People's Friend Special and the latest copy of the mag, so I'll get reading it (again, and again, and again, and again,) until something sticks and I can actually write a story they'll actually like and want to publish. Won't that be a sweet day?!

I just have to remind myself that it will all be worth it in the end. I've had one short story published so I ruddy well can and will do it again!!! Will someone just give me a huge kick to knock some sense of perspective into me? Thank you.

Happy writing. Julie xxx


Fee said...

Oh Julie

You will get there in the end. You will find your determination and steel once found you will succeed.

You have been successful and look at what you are achieving in sending out your writing.

Chin up.


Diane Perry said...

You have just had a story accepted in a really big magazine over seas. Hold on to that thought - that a publisher thinks you are writer worth paying! That's a brilliant thing. I know we have had this discussion before and, it's just sometimes what we write is never going to suit a particular magazine. Don't get down about it - just keep on doing what you know you can do. You will get there, I know it.
Love Di

klahanie said...

Greetings Julie,
Your determination to strive forward with your writing endeavours is testimony to your spirit.
That driving force that motivates you will continue to inspire.
The power of your written word and your noteworthy accomplishments are precious. Your writing goals are to be commended. I know that any setback only reinforces your desire to move on with your quest.
Keep going and stay positive. Warm regards, Gary.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Diane, Fee and Gary. I know I can count on my fellow bloggers to bolster me up! Feeling great today, and back in track - so watch this space. I hope everyone else is having a good weekend, and if not - you know where we are!