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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

They're Here!!!!!

Snakes alive! My beloved Moleskine notebooks have come! Hurrah! (Tries to calm down before knocks coffee over and husband becomes alarmed!) They are very beautiful. I haven't taken the cellophane wrapping off as I think I've had far too much excitement for one day, having been to Staples already this morning (be still my beating heart!) Oh yes, don't tell Mr Whaley, but having taking the mickey out of him for having a Staples loyalty card - I was offered one today and I took it!!

A plain, white package plopped throught the letterbox and Dave saw me wander in, clutching the package tightly to my chest.

"What's that?" he said.

I turned away from him. "Just books," my face reddening.

"What books?" he said, his eyes narrowing.

"Note books," I said, trying to hide my guilty secret.

"Not Moleskines!" he said, grinning.

"Noooooo," I said, starting to perspire.

"Yes they are!" he said, shaking his head.

"So what if they are?" I said, my hands shaking.

"You're a Moleskine addict!" he said, rolling on the floor laughing.

"Am not!" I said, chin lifted in defiance.

"Well let me open one and write in it then."

"Nooooooo! Shan't! You stay away from my babies!"

The Wrekin Writer Note book anonymous support group will be meeting in a cafe in Ironbridge on Tuesday lunchtime.............. Question for Nicola - do the squares in your coverted purple notebook have to be big or small?

I also had a nice surprise through the post when I saw one of my letters has got into the new issue of Writers' Forum! So that's another Moleskine Notebook for me then - for free this time! I don't think I'll be able to catch up Mr Whaley with his 3o Moleskine notebooks though. He also gets a mention in Writers' Forum from another reader who saw his 'Where I Write' bit in last month's Writers' Forum and his obsession with Moleskine notebooks! (I wonder how many Wrekin Writers can we get into a publication at the same time?!)

I'm away to lie in a darkened room for the afternoon!

Happy writing! Julie xx


Simon Whaley said...

Go up to the bedroom, light a few candles, turn out the lights, draw the curtains, get yourself a Cadbury's Flake, have "j'taime" playing on your iPod, and lie on the bed. Make yourself comfortable and then pick up your hermetically sealed Moleskine notebook. With a small pair of scissors, gently snip away at the platsic coating in the top right hand corner and then carefully, with one blade of the scissors, scored through the plastic down the entire right hand side of the notebook.

Put the scissors down, catch the dribble of chocolatty saliva now running down your chin, and stick the Flake back in your gob. With one hand, slide a finger between the slit in the plastic you've created and pull it to one side, tearing it away from the notebook. Now pull away the rest of the plastic, bring the book up to your nose and smell the pure, unblemished pages. Actually, you might find it easier if you take the Flake out of your mouth first!

With both hands, caress the tactile cover, then sensitively slip a finger underneath the retaining elasticasted strap making room for more fingers. As the gap widens, slip more fingers through, then pull back your hand, before releasing the energy of the elastic against the back of the notebook with a hard slap!

Swallow. (your flake morsel)

With a thumb on each of the cover edges, gently peel back the front cover to reveal your first, virginal page. Don't do any writng yet! Instead, turn your notebook over and open the back cover. Ever lover should have their secret and here is theres - a small pocket. With your thumbnail, lift up the side and remove the history of Moleskine notebooks contained inside.

Engorge yourself on another morsel of Flake as you read about the gret writers like hemmingway and Chatwin who have used these books. Welcome to their world.

Now through yur Flake wrapper in the bin, pulled the curtain open and write in the flaming thing!

Simon Whaley said...

PS - I was so in the moment there, that few spelling mistakes slipped in. Sorry!

Julie P said...

Oh stop it you!! I have already opened my notebooks and I have been sniffing them and caressing them ever since!!

I'm sorry but I couldn't possible have chocolate, a visit to staples, and the opening of Moleskine notebooks all on the same day. Do you want me to end up in A&E?!

Fee said...

Dear Julie

SW is trying to get you to mess your brand new moleskins up with melted chocolate so that you have no choice but to replace them too early.

I am so pleased your moleskins have arrived enjoy yourself writing in them when you dare.

Best wishes


Julie P said...

I can't wait for my freebie one to come in the post either. I have to say I quite like the Moleskine notebooks and I think I may have become a convert to them. It's all that man Simon's fault! I was quite happy with my Tesco specials before he came along! Don't let him do it to you - run while you can! Will have to sell a few more stories before I can afford anymore, though!