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Sunday, 24 May 2009

What A difference A Day Makes

Well, I'm back on tip top form today, helped by your many uplifting comments and support - thank you. Also it's such a beautiful day today isn't it. I don't like very hot weather usually, but I like to see bright blue skies and people out and about having fun and enjoying the sunshine.

I've just come back from Muchwenlock and our usual weekly family outing to see my dad. I went into Wenlock Books - have I mentioned it's my favourite book shop on the planet?! Anna and June were there and it's always a pleasure to see them. They've both been so supportive and encouraging of my writing attempts! Just by being in there I can feel my inspiration soaring and I can't wait to get back home to write. Anna did say that we could write upstairs around the big table, but so far I've been too self conscious to do so. I took my notebooks and pens, but when it came down to it I was too hot and bothered and tired - but one day....... (I also bought a pack of three Moleskine journals in a bigger size than my other notebooks. Well how could I decline when Wenlock Books have just enlarged their stock of them in such tantalizing new colours as well?) They had purple ones, Nicola! And squared papered ones, but alas no purple ones with squared paper.

I also saw Carole's book First Wolf on their book shelves. Well done Carole! I held it aloft and anounced to anyone who was in the shop listening that the book was written by a fellow Wrekin Writer and a very talented one at that! Publicity eh?! They've also got our Wrekin Writer leaflets in there, as has Muchwenlock library.

I also bought the book 'Swallows And Amazons' as it's on the reading list for the Open University Children's Literature course, I'm doing (fingers crossed) in October - I see Carole Ann Carr has also caved in and is doing it as well. I'm looking forward to doing it and there's already a strong and friendly (mad) forum going for the course which I have spent many a few hours getting to know my fellow students and joining in the banter! We have a live chat night on a Monday - you have to be there to believe it!! Fantastic.

I've also just had an email telling me that I won the book on the prize post giveaway over on Strictly Writing! I won one before, so I am feeling suitably guilty and barred myself from taking part again! Thank you Strictly Writing - they've given people like me so much useful advice and it's such a wonderful blog - anyone who is serious about writing would do well to visit them.

I'll also be doing some more articles for the editor of a new Shropshire website. He's bought five of mine already and has asked me to do three more - so that will keep me out of mischief! I feel I've got my spring back and the other night I had idea after idea just pouring out of my head for poems and short stories, so as I always keep a notebook and pen by my bed, I wrote them all down and will be writing up the ones I think are strong enough to make into poems and short stories in the coming weeks.

Still no word on the short stories and poems I've already got out there, but I'm determined, more than ever, now to keep writing and sending stuff out there. But for today, I'm going to relax and enjoy the glorious sunshine.

Happy Bank Holiday weekend, and happy writing or mulling over of ideas! Julie xx


Sue Horder-Mason said...

Julie what a lovely idea writing in a bookshop. If you don't want to do it on your own, how about I come along and join you. I love that big table at Wenlock Books, in fact I absolutely adore that shop. Simon and I have spent many happy times there on our way home.
You too enjoy your weekend.
Sue XX

Carole Anne Carr, member of the Society of Authors said...

Thanks, so much for mentioning me and my book, Julie, very kind indeed, and wonderful news about your writing, you are doing so well. Much love, Carole.

Julie P said...

That would be nice Sue! We could do a tour of writing in different book shops - were they allow that sort of thing - see if we are inspired! You're right though, Wenlock Books is wonderful. I think it's the building it's in, the atmosphere is just magical. I grew up in Wenlock, so it's always a nostalgic trip there for me.

Anytime, Carole! I've just come in from my garden having been scribbling away in my note book. It's been a great day today, and I'm looking forward to spending this half term week with my daughter. She has a lovely surprise coming as the lady over the road, who is moving out, and who I just discovered last week went to school with me!, is giving Isobel her daughters big trampoline as she's out grown it. My daughter, being an incredibly bouncy young thing will love it. I can't wait to see her face when she sees it!

Happy Bank holiday. Julie xx

Fee said...

Oh Julie how thoughtful about the trampoline. You are right your daughter will love it. Where abouts is Much Wenlock book shop? I am keen to visit this wonderful place and the fact that you can write around a table in peace and quiet.

I know in Birmingham Waterstones you can have a cup of coffee at tables. That was a place I visited when I was buying books for my second year of uni and I ventured on the train. We returned to a hail storm and I was laughing as we ran up the slope to get our lift home.

Best of luck with the open university course.


Julie P said...

It's about half way down the high street on the right hand side of the road as you go down the high street. They will give you coffee if they're not too busy as long as you give a donation to the charity they support. Have a look at their website - they do lots of stuff.