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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Where Do You Write?

I have another secret! (Very secretive aren't I?) Well, it won't be a secret after this because you will know - but I don't mind, We are among friends here. I love going to Staples. Some people like fine wines, some people like gormet food, some people like rubber and whips! While others prefer rock climbing. But me? I absolutely adore anything to do with office supplies and stationery! I am a stationery geek! I'm here, I like clear (plastic folders), get used to it!
I love to run my fingers along the racks of little packets of drawing pins, paperclips, bulldog clips and other clippy, sticky, pinny paraphernalia! "look at them, Dave," I shout. "Just look at them!"
The poor man (husband) just humours me and tries to steer me away to look at something else! He has a hard life, the poor man.
Then there were the beautiful leather and leather look office chairs and wonderful desks! I have to sit in all the chairs and try out all the desks, of course! It drives my husband mad - but I don't care as I'm away in my own imaginary fantasy 'writing space' world! It's a bit like fantasy football really, but instead of choosing players, I'm choosing my desk, chairs and other bits and bobs that, if I had the money and space, I would have in my writing room!! I also had to look at the netbooks, of course. I'm saving up for one of those at the moment - so I find it very inspiring to go and touch one every now and then to spur me on! (Again, my husband tries to steer me discreetly away!)
I bought some clear plastic wallets - for storing my drafts of short stories, poems and articles, a three drawer plastic storage box thingy, in an attempt to tidy my writing space up a bit, and have things were I can actually find them, instead of accusing my poor husband of moving my stuff! I also brought some flash disks with retractable ends so I don't lose the tops, as I was forever doing with my other ones. It was my husband's idea to get three flash disks of different colours so I could have one for poems, one for short stories and one for articles. (Me thinks he is a closet stationery geek - but I shall out him!) Oh, and I got some Post Its too, as I like the idea of covering everything in various day-glo coloured small squares of paper. I'm sure once my daughter claps eyes on them she'll do the job for me!
My little corner looks terribly neat and boring now doesn't it?! I shall have to mess it up again. I haven't let you see inside my workspace cupboard as it's not for the feint hearted!! I don't think I'm ready to go public with my piles just yet!! I don't tend to write in my writing space - I prefer the kitchen table, or bed, but I do my blogging and my editing from there, as it's where the internet connection is. Yes, I could go wireless if I wanted to - but I don't.
So where do you write? Go on, don't be shy - let's see some photo's of your writing space.
Happy writing - wherever you do it! Julie xxx


Tom said...

Great to see you with a Wenlock Books, Julie!

Julie P said...

Hello, Tom! Someone spotted it! That's my very favourite book shop in the whole world! I'm going to Wenlock on Saturday to have my hair cut and will just have to pop into Wenlock Books - it would be rude not to!!

I often fancy taking my notebook and pen and writing up on that big round table upstairs - I might just do it this time. I think we should get a few local writers together and do a writing tour of the local bookshops - take our notebooks and spend the morning/afternoon/day writing there. I find bookshops - particularly those housed in old buildings so atmospheric and inspiring.

I want to go and see if Carole's book 'First Wolf'is on the shelf there too as I know she was negotiating with Wenlock Books.

How are you and more importantly how is your writing going?!