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Monday, 15 June 2009

Crash, Bang, Wallop.

I'd just set foot out of my front door to go and collect my daughter from nursery at lunch time when the heavens opened and I was lucky to find myself walking through torrential rain with the odd shower of painful hail thrown in for good measure. When I say walk I mean I think I was making a bid to smash the land speed record as there was some pretty fierce flashing and rumbling going on. As I've said before, I don't mind watching it from the safety of my house, but it's not funny when you're out in it!

I arrived (squelched) at the nursery door with my trousers so wet they were sticking to me, and I might as well have gone barefoot for all the protection my shoes gave me. I was thinking how the banana am I going to get my daughter home in this. I'd bought her brolly but my brolly hadn't been a lot of use to me, so I figured she'd get soaked too. And with the thunder and lightening crashing about I thought she'd be hysterical. But no. She thought it was fabulous! We got halfway home and the rain stopped and the sun started to shine brightly. It is now like balmy Summer's day out there. That's the beauty of the British weather for you.

On the TV experiment front, it's going very well. Today I managed to write a 1,200 word short story from scratch. I'd had the idea for a few weeks and I finally had the chance to type it today so I'm chuffed about that. That's three short stories I've written since I started the experiment, so it just goes to show, just reducing the amount of TV you watch can increase your writing output.

I seem to go between writing stories in longhand in my notebook and then typing it up to typing them directly on screen. I find I have no preference for either really and it depends on what mood I'm in; both methods work for me, although typing straight onto the computer is quicker but I do worry about losing the work so I'm saving it every five mins on to flash drive stick thingie and computer just to make sure! I'm terribly suspicious of modern technology.

A tip that I've found useful over the past few days is to look through the women's mags and make notes on the type of stories they have in there. But don't just stop there, carry on and read the whole magazine - adverts and all. By doing this I've found that I've gleaned some story ideas and it's given me a real flavour for the tone of the mags and who their target readers are. I've studied the mags many times before, but this time I REALLY studied them. I think it's a good idea to keep studying them as well to keep up to date with the kinds of stories they publish.

No news on the stuff I've got out there already. But I only have three short stories and an article out there at the moment so I'm concentrating on getting more short stories out now, and then I'll go back to poetry for a while. There are a couple of poetry comps coming up that I want to try and enter. I'm also aware that I am going to be one of the judges for our local Doris Gooderson Short Story comp and the Wellington Town Council Short Story comp, so they will be taking some of my time up soon. I've never done anything like it before and I'm looking forward to doing it. I'm a bit apprehensive as I feel a bit of a fraud offering to mark them, but the organisers didn't say no (the fools!) so on their heads be it!! I can't wait to read the entries and it will be a great experience for me.

Happy writing! Julie xx


Olivia Ryan said...

We've got the storms here in Essex now, Julie, and my head is thumping!

Well done with your stories. And the more you have 'out there' the easier the waiting becomes. You need to allow 6 months before you start 'chasing' any of them, which would feel like an eternity if you only had one or two out on offer!

I'll be very interested to hear how you get on with reading the competition entries. Good for you!

Julie P said...

My head hates thunderstorms too but my headache's eased off now. We had another heavy shower at tea time but no thunder or lightening with it thankfully.

I'm really pleased with how my writings going at the moment. The stories I've written are very much in a first draft state but I'll soon whip them into shape!

julie xx