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Saturday, 20 June 2009

Don't Feed The Ducks!

I have been to the Wrekin Writers' meeting this morning and we had a motivational speaker. He was actually very good. As you may remember I was within two minds as to whether to go or not. I'm always suspicious of motivational speakers but I have to say that this one (Liam O'Connell) was pretty tame compared to the shows of the ones I've been forced to sit through before! So well done Liam for converting me!

He was saying that we all have barriers to reaching success and Sue, our Chairman mentioned self inflicted barriers and Mike, one of our other members mentioned fear as a barrier. They are so right. Liam said that sometimes it's ourselves who provide our own barriers: I can't, I won't. There are so many reasons why we choose to not follow our dreams, why we go down the right hand road instead of the left in our lives. And that's what it is - CHOICE - we can choose to handle the difficulties and obstacles life throws at us in a negative or positive way. And we can choose our attitude and responses to things that happen to us.

So next time you find yourself or someone else saying to you 'you can't write, you won't ever be published' tell yourself that you CAN write and you WILL be published. Whatever you goals in life are you CAN achieve them. And if life throws something you weren't expecting at you and you physically can't follow the path you were on then get your quad bike out and go off roading! Think about all the exciting new opportunities out there for you on your new path. Yes there will be pot holes along the way, but at some point the council will have resurfaced the road and the going will be smoothe again.

I've said in my blog many times before how I struggle with my self confidence in my writing ability sometimes, but I still write and send stuff out, get rejected - sorry it's my work that gets rejected not me! And send more stuff out. Liam says that self belief is part of the key - if you believe you can do it you can achieve it. So get your pens and notebooks/computer out and get writing and don't feed the ducks on the way!

Oh yes, the ducks are people in our lives who zap our positive energy and self belief: Bully ducks, Victim ducks, hoover ducks, envy ducks etc. So DON'T LET THEM! (I thought I'd better explain what the ducks were before you all send me back to my GP in fear for my sanity!)

Happy Writing,

Julie xx (I was going to put a picture of my duck on here but I have flat batteries in my camera!)


Diane Perry said...

Hi Julie
I got three rejections this week and what Liam said about changing your mood is so right. I really got so much out of today when last night I was feeling a bit down but I watched a programme where Malorie Blackman was talking about her writing and had received 82 rejection slips, it certainly gave me the reality check - that's what writing is about -
Liam pointed out how to deal with those negative feelings. I am now on a high and sending all my rejected work off again.
Love Di

Julie P said...

Hello, Di. I watched that poetry programme with Malorie Blackman too and I thought it was brilliant. Liam was excellent too and what he said was right. I'm sorry about your three rejections - it truly is horrible when you get some together isn't it! It's bad enough getting one. Totally soul destroying. That a girl! Get them sent out again. We shall over come some day!

Julie xx

PS I have my duck sitting on top of my filing box so I can see him out of the corner of my eye!

Olivia Ryan said...

Very positive post, Julie - I can tell the talk has impressed you and inspired you. Do you know, I couldn't even begin to count the rejection slips, letters and e-mails I have accrued over the years. I thought at one stage I had been rejected by every publisher and every agent in the world - but finally I got there. I still get rejections for short stories all the time. It's part of the job, and sadly it does knock our confidence - we can't help it, we're human (well, I think we are!!). Have a nice week. x

Julie P said...

Hi. Olivia. Yes I agree. Every rejection hurts
no matter how long you've been sending stuff out! I just posted off one short story and one article today and will be sending more this week - but it's anyone's guess as to their eventual fate.

It certainly does knock your confidence and the chap's message yesterday - well what I got from his talk - was that it's how we react to the rejection that can make or break our writing careers.

On getting a rejection do you scream and howl and throw the manuscript in the bin and never write or send anything out again - or do you put it down to experience knowing that your next piece of writing will be better and so keep on writing and sending stuff out eventually, by some miracle (and your own hard work, of course) get published. We have a choice!

Take care. Julie xx Hope you have a great week too.

The Buddhist Conservative said...

Hi Julie,

I know what you mean about being suspicious about motivational speakers. It's great when one actually inspires.

I love the analogy of the 'ducks'. Let them find someone else to feed them!

I am always inspired by your attitude and perseverance.