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Thursday, 25 June 2009

Excercise some muscle

Yes I have put this photo sideways deliberately so as not to frighten you too much! It's my writer's bum and it's got to go!

No. I'm not talking about your writing muscle today. I'm referring to your physical muscles. Writing is a sedentary affair. If you're anything like me you'll be glued to your seat typing for large portions of the day. I hope you're not like me in the belly stakes, though. It has to be said that I have become quite rotund over the past few years. I'm not quite in the same league as Bustifer Jones from Cats the musical. But if I carry on the way I am going, I soon will be!

I think it's important for writers to get out and about a bit. We should enjoy some fresh air and exercise our writer's bottom. I'm lucky in that I walk to my daughter's school twice a day and it's a fair distance. It's slow going with her, but on the way back I can power walk and boy does it blow the cobwebs away! It gives me the exercise I need and I'm sure it frees up the creative bits of my brain as I'm always raring to go after I come back (after a cup of tea and rest, of course!)

If I'm honest, my diet isn't as good as it could be either. But since my successful experiment with reducing the amount of TV I was watching (that's still going well, by the way. I've not got it on this am) I'm becoming more aware of the food I'm eating - too much of it and too much of the wrong sort. So I'm having a sort of writing overhaul at the moment starting with improving my writing habits and productivity and moving on to my general lifestyle. A slow, sluggish mind and body generally means slow, sluggish writing, well it does in my case.

Now the better weather is coming there's no excuse not to go out for a walk. Why not take your note book/laptop with you and sit by the trees, in a park, or other outdoor space. You might just find some inspiration and get fit and lose your writer's bottom at the same time!

Happy exploring and writing

Julie xx



Simon Whaley said...

Oh gosh, Julie, what have you started? Have we all not got to put our bums on our blogs? Or is a Bum Blog an entirely new blog in itself? Oh what a bummer!

However, I totally agree with you - get off your arse one a day and go for a walk. It exercises the bum, but it clears the brain. I'm out for about 45 - 60 minutes and it's where I get many of my ideas from, or solve any short story resolution problems. I may be walking - but it's still my writing time.

And as it says in my book The Bluffer's Guide to Hiking (available from all good bookshops and internet bookstores :-) ), if ever you get stuck in a difficult situation, the best thing to do is to get up and start walking!

Julie P said...

No, you don't have to bare your bums if you don't want to! Hey would could have a 'guess the bum' competition! I could start a blog featuring a gallery of pictures of famous and up and coming writer's bottoms if you like!

Yes, walking gives you time to think and I think it's crucial to get yourself moving to get the creative juices flowing.


Olivia Ryan said...

You don't look the least bit rotund to me - not even sideways!! It's good advice though -nobody ought to spend their entire waking hours sitting at a computer, I don't care whether they're JK Rowling or mere mortal writer like the rest of us! BUT - I've just read something in the paper about people who are slightly overweight living longer than those who are 'a healthy weight'! So what's it all about???

Fee said...

Julie you and I obviously have the same thoughts onthe same days. Well tomorrow as I can't walk far I am going to go back swimming so that I can start losing some weight and fitting back into my clothes again. I can't afford to replace anything.

The alarm is set ready for the early start to hit the water.

Hopefully by losing weight my other health problems will improve as the extra weight is certainly aggravating my back.

Best wishes


Julie P said...

Great article in the Writers' Forum mag, Olivia! Julie xx

Suzanne said...

It's all realative, Julie. My writer's bum would make yours pale into insignificance. X

Suzanne said...

Ooops. Sorry - spelling.

Julie P said...

I had a marvellous picture of a fine example of a pert bum sent to me by someone who follows my blog and who shall remain nameless the other day! He claimed it was a picture of his bum. I would post it on here but I had to go and lie down in a darkened room after viewing the picture so perhaps not!! Still, whatever the shape/size of your writers bum - it's all about the writing! Julie xx