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Monday, 22 June 2009

Feeding My Addiction

I went to my second favourite shop this morning - Staples. I am, as you have already probably guessed, if I haven't told you already, a bit of a stationery geek. I once typed that I was a stationary geek and people thought I had a fetish for standing still! But that's another story. I am addicted to notebooks, (now the more expensive but undeniably stylish Moleskine variety thanks to Mr Whaley ;0) pens, paper clips, plastic folders, you name it I love it!

I had to go today as my current filing system was not big enough and I only bought the desktop drawer system about a six weeks ago. I bought 2 'in trays' which sit on top of each other atop my original drawer system. I wanted one tray to store short stories, articles and poems that I'm currently working on and the other for the ones I've had back, declined, so they are within easy reach for me to look through and edit.

I haven't done any writing today as I have a meeting at my daughter's school tonight and so have been preparing for that. You may remember me chuntering on in a post in the early days of my blog about the parking and general bad driving of the parents when they drop off and pick up their kids from school. Well, tonight, two years after some of the residents around the school kicked up a stink and 9 months after I sent my first of many letters to the council and the local newspaper and spoke to the headmistress we finally get to hear what the council proposals are and have our say at a public meeting. Gosh the council move fast on these issues don't they?!

I'm taking my notebook with me so I can freak the speakers out by appearing to be writing down everything they say, when in fact I shall be listening out for any possible characters and story/poem/article ideas that may come out of the meeting. Once a writer always a writer eh?

Oh yes and I got Letter Of The Week in a local paper again. You have no idea how this little thing has given me a welcomed boost today. No more news on the other stuff of mine out there but I'm going to be sending some more stuff out this week so watch this space.

Happy writing. Julie xxx


Teresa Ashby said...

Oooh Staples . . . one of my favourite shops too!

I did smile about you taking your notebook along tonight - hope you get lots of ideas!

Fee said...

I hope the council come up with something constructive. They don't move very fast as I well know from my own experience over a local scheme.

Your stationery fetish reminds me of each time I started a new study course I would go and buy new equipment to put me in good stead. Like my parents would each term for school in the hope tht I would do better.

Simon Whaley said...
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Simon Whaley said...

Staples - it will soon be time to get excited again, when the "Back to School" offers arrive in store!

Julie P said...

Oooooh! I'd forgotten about "Back to School" offers yipeeeeee! And I have the perfect excuse this time as my daughter will actually be starting school!