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Friday, 12 June 2009

I didn't do it Guv' but it's a fair cop.

Yes, I know I said I wasn't going to post on here for a week as part of my experiment, but I thought I'd give you little progress reports along the way, and as so much has happened today I'm just bursting to tell you!

Telly Situation: Failed miserably on this point. I've discovered, however, that I don't actually watch it, I just seem to have it on for background noise, (very naughty and bad for the planet I know) I do get distracted by something someone might say on there and might watch it for a minute or so until I lose interest again. Thought I might try having the radio on instead and seeing if that helps. I watch so much rubbish on TV it's got to stop! But going cold turkey obviously just isn't going to work for me. So I will do it in stages and wean myself off gradually.

Writing Situation: On the positive front I managed to type up one short story of 2000 words and have almost finished typing up another one of 1,200 words so - I can get quite a bit done when I set my mind to it. I'm really pleased about that. On the not so good front I had one of my stories returned by PF, declined. Trying very hard not to be down hearted and frustrated by this but finding it very difficult today. I won't let it get the better of me, though, I won't! I will persevere.

Excellent Cheery Non-writing Incident: I had to walk through six young, rather handsome, fit looking policemen in gloriously tight trousers, talking to two decidedly shady looking local "yoofs" outside the gates of my daughter's nursery. So I proceeded in a North Westerly direction, on the afore mentioned afternoon, and inquired if I would be allowed safe passage through to the nursery. I was, and even the "Yoofs" seemed amazingly polite, (can't think why - they aren't usually) It took all of my self control not to descreetly pinch any of those ripe bottoms! Although my hand was wavering until I reminded myself that I was a respectable thirty eight year old wife and mother and it wouldn't do for me to be seen to be getting cuffed by a policeman outside my daughter's nursery for sexually harrassing an officer of the law!

The ladies in the nursery office were quite overcome with joy at the view of the policemen from their window and were green with envy that I'd not only walked among them, but had spoken to them! I told them I had brought my own police escort. We spoke of the wonderful scenery and how policemen seem to be getting younger these days, and as the drool started to fall from our lips and I remembered that I had a daughter and that's why I was in the nursery - to pick her up, we promised never to speak of the policemen in front of my husband. You ain't seen me, right! I had to suck an ice lolly to cool myself down when I got home, and I think I should go and lie in a darkened room to recover. It was all rather so lovely. Imagine being 'swarmed' by them!
Why do I always feel guilty when I see a policeman even though I ain't done nuffin'?
Anyway, I digress.

What Made Me Stamp My Feet Today: One of my cat's obviously fancies themselves as an a bit of an Alan Titchmarsh and took it upon themselves to climb on to my kitchen windowsill and unplant my pepper plants! "Who in the name of veggie bangers has done this?" I hollered, not being best pleased. It was the look on Cara's face - picture a black and white version of the big eyed ginger cat in Shrek and you've got the look. She was an image of innocence until I looked at her compost encrusted paws! Mmmmm. I have replanted them.

Oh well, onwards to day two!

Julie xx


Miss Mapp said...

Hi Julie, on the writing being returned - it is really a v.v.dificult market at the moment and agents are loathe to take on anyone at present that is not a known name, and are not renewing contracts with some of their clients either if the print run was not exceptional b4. So don't be discouraged - it's part of the whole horrible process and one day, one day it will be a different reply that you find in the post.Best wishes,MM

Julie P said...

Hi, Miss Mapp, and thanks for your encouraging comments. I don't write novels but I do write short stories but I hear the market is still in the same boat.

I know the only way forward is to keep writing and sending stuff out there so I intend to carry on, it's just that sometimes, after the umpteenth rejection it can get a bit disheartening. I'm sure everyone knows what I mean! But even those who are household names now were once an 'unknown' as I am. I'm just hanging on to the fact that I know I can do it as I did it once recently in an Australian women's mag.

Success will be all the more sweeter whenit eventually does come my way again!

Take care. Julie xx

Sue Horder-Mason said...

Phew, six gorgeous policeman - have you ever thought about writing erotica :-)

Sue xx

PS I wouldn't tell

Julie P said...

Tee hee, Sue! Now that's an idea! I think I need to go and lie down in a darkened room again, she says blushing.

Julie xx

Julie P said...

Maybe I should ask Mike at the next retreat for some pointers on writing erotic fiction!

Sue Horder-Mason said...

Be it on your head my darling :-)


Julie P said...

Mmmmm, Maybe not!

Julie xx

Teresa Ashby said...

Don't let the return get you down - can you send it somewhere else?

Wow - your policemen! They don't look like that round here . . .

Cara sounds gorgeous!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa. Yes, I've got quite a few rejected short stories now that I'm planning on giving a makeover to and sending them out again. Now I've finished the articles I was writing I can get on with them now.

I had another policeman in my house yesterday evening due to a disturbance in the street. You don't see any police for days and then you get lots of them all on the same day!
We have a policeman who lives just behind us and he's a lovely man too.

Cara is lovely and so is her brother Cody - the adorable but mischievious double act. I'll post a photo of them later.

Julie xx

Fee said...

Dear Julie,

You have said yourself you expect to receive letters of declination and that you will not get deflated when this happens. It is all part of the writing process as Jane's book explains.

You could try delving into Mike's mind if you dare. I have read one of his stories and it is not as embarrassing as I thought it would be. HONEST

As for Cara well that cats for you. They keep you on your toes.

Best wishes and chin up. You will get there one day.

Olivia Ryan said...

Julie, everyone else has said the right things already, but you know it's true: the rejections are all part of what makes us better writers. The more you send out, the less the rejections will hurt, so just keep at it, keep sending them out, don't let it get you down, remember you're becoming a better writer because of it! Hard, but definitely true. xx

Julie P said...

I've had a much better day today, and I'm hoping to send out some more stories next week. I know I can do do it as I've done it once! I just have to hold on to that fact and keep going in the hope I can do it again.

Thanks for all the support everyone. I do appreciate it - and when I get another story published the drinks will be on me! Julie xx