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Saturday, 6 June 2009

Rain, rain go away ....

Hey ho, all the best layed plans and all that. We had hoped to be able to take our daughter to Willey, near Broseley, today, as they are holding an event as part of the BBCs Springwatch 'dirty weekend', encouraging people to get out there, get dirty and get involved with the local wildlife and learn something about our diverse ecosystem. But I took one look at the rain today and we had to cancel. The thought of dragging a four year old and grumpy old man husband through a boggy, muddy field did not appeal!

It's a shame because we are keen to get Isobel engaged with wildlife and the countryside and we know she would have loved this experience today, but never mind, there will be other events. Mind you, I think we got quite close enough to some of the wildlife yesterday afternoon thank you very much. On our way home from school we came upon a medium sized rat lying dead in the middle of the path. I assume it had been predated by a cat or maybe a fox, and Isobel was fascinated by it so we stopped to take a look at it. I then gave it an unceremonial burial by throwing it over the fence into some dense shrubs. Sometimes you don't have to go looking for wildlife - it finds you!

Tomorrow, after I've visited my dad, I'm going to a poetry writing day at Attingham Park. I think there are a few of us going from my writing group and I'm really looking forward to it. Shropshire seems to be coming alive and is teeming with creative arts activities over the Summer months, so I feel like I'm in heaven and definately spoilt for choice. There are so many opportunities out there and no time to do anything with them! I'm finding I'm treading a very fine line between having enough time to write and attending some of these creative events. Decisions, decisions! I have to find a balance between writing and earning some money to be able to fund my attendance at some of these events, but by attending these events I'm cutting down on my writing time, yet it's beneficial for me to go as I learn so much and am so inspired, so my writing can only be better for attending! Life's little conundrums and frustrations, eh?!

I was also pleased to see today that two of my articles have been published in the June issue of The Link - the National Association of Writers' Groups magazine. Both these articles arose out of ideas for blogs, so keep on blogging - it really is an ideal way to fan your creativity and inspire you. And thank you to a fellow blogger and wrekin writer who encouraged me to send the articles in. On the down side I had a poem returned to me from a magazine who did not wish to publish it. But, hey, you can't win them all; it will just get sent on to the next magazine.

Happy writing, what ever the weather.

Julie xx


Fee said...

Remember to take your wellies tomorrow as it is going to be heavy rain. I am looking forward to learning new skills.

I too have a dilemma deal with real life or be in my fantasy world of writing. Writing one today as the weather was atrocious.

Last night's weather inspired me to write a poem so it is not all bad news.

Hope to see you tomorrow.


Carole Anne Carr, member of the Society of Authors said...

Hoping you all have a wonderful time, and the weather from my study window is rapidly improving.... hugs...xx

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your published articles, Julie.


klahanie said...

Hi Julie,
I hope the weather wasn't too wet at Attingham Park. Anyway, I reckon that nothing is going to dampen your spirit.
Many congratulations on your published articles. I wish you much success in your ongoing writing endeavours. Kind wishes, Gary