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Friday, 19 June 2009

Something For The Weekend

I've had another great day today. No, I haven't had news on any of my work out there yet, but I have managed to post off two short stories to Take A Break/Fiction Feast. I'd set myself a goal of writing and sending off some short stories by the weekend and I've done it. They may not get published but at least I've tried!

I have another three that I'm currently looking at and deciding which magazine they are best suited for. Sometimes I know from the first paragraph of a story which magazine I think the story is suited to, but at other times I have an inkling but won't know for sure until I've written it and edited it. It's never an exact science when targetting magazines - despite help from people and reading the mag and guidelines, I still have no idea what People's Friend want and I doubt I ever will! I have found it helpful, however, to physically count the words in a magazine short story and see if there is a popular length of story they're publishing over a few weeks - and I try and make my story a similar length give or take a few. We'll see if it helps.

I had a letter published in the Shropshire Star again tonight. I really must resist the urge and cut down on the letters I send to magazines and newspapers as I have had rather a lot of those published recently and I think they are distracting me away from the task in hand this month - to get a short story published in this country. I think the short story I had accepted with That's Life in Australia has been published now and I didn't get a copy, so I haven't seen it, which is a shame as I wanted to keep a copy of my very first published short story. So if you know anyone in Australia who has a copy and they would be willing to send me it do let me know!

I have a busy weekend planned. We had a powercut at 9.25pm last night, halfway through The Mentalist programme I was watching on TV (I think someone was trying to tell me something !)
So I missed the second half of that and decided to go to bed but couldn't sleep because there were four of our neighbour's house alarms having an 'I can wail louder than you' competition! So any thought of sleep was quickly extinguished. And, of course, as soon as they all went quiet, the power would flip on and off again and start them all off again! Message to my neighbours whose alarms were screaming (you know who you are!) GET YOUR ALARMS SERVICED AND THE BATTERIES REPLACED!!) I had to sit on my hands to stop me from writing a letter to the local newspaper about this! Why do people not bother getting their alarms serviced. We do it every year and ours never screams in protest in a power cut. I do - but the alarm doesn't!! Maybe I need new batteries too. (I was going to say something else there but managed to stop myself in time as, on reflection, it sounded rather rude!)

Oh yes, back to the weekend. It's the Wrekin Writers' group meeting tomorrow morning with the motivational speaker. I wonder if I can get him to come down to my house to 'motivate' my neighbours to get their alarms sorted! (Sorry, I will climb down from my soap box now!) Then Sunday I'm off to my dad's in Muchwenlock for the usual weekly family gathering. Sadly, the bookshop will not open so I will just have to press my face against the glass and peer in forlornly, sighing a lot! I might even make it to the 1940s weekend at Attingham Park on the Sunday afternoon with my daughter. But that depends on the weather - it's looking decidedly ropey out there at the moment.

What ever you're doing over the weekend - have a good one, and happy writing. I'll see the usual suspects at the meeting tomorrow - get ready to be motivated people!

Julie xx


Olivia Ryan said...

Had to laugh, Julie, about you having to stop yourself writing another letter to the papers, about the neighbours' alarms! Well, it's all getting your name out there ...!
What a shame you didn't get a copy of the Australian mag. Can you e-mail them and ask whether they could send you a copy? I used to have short stories published (occasionally) in Australia and Scandanavia and they always sent me copies - but that was quite a few years ago and I know there have been cutbacks now! Have a nice weekend.

Julie P said...

Hi, Olivia! I did ask the editor in my email when I sent the invoice through but I haven't received a copy yet - maybe it's just being a bit slow in the post. But it could be I won't get one! Never mind. I'll look forward to getting and seeing a short story of mine in print in Britain.

Julie xx