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Thursday, 11 June 2009

Unsettled Weather, but settled writer!

What a change in the weather. We've gone from torrential rain and thunder storms yesterday to brilliant sunshine this evening. That's the ever changing and unpredictable British weather for you. What ever the weather I always find the changing seasons inspirational; it's like moving from one verse to the next in a poem or reading the next chapter in a book. But with the seasons it's like reading a book on a loop - you know which season comes next but everytime you read that chapter you always see something new and surprising - something you've never noticed before.

I had a bit of a nostalgia trip this morning. I went for coffee with Brenda, a fellow Wrekin Writer and former work associate, in one of the cafes I researched for an article I did on the Ten Best Cafes In Shropshire. It was nice to just sit down in a pleasant environment drinking our tea and coffee in peace, watching the world go by outside the window. The cafe was in Muchwenlock, and as I was born and brought up in the town I do like going back for a wander. I went up to the playing fields by the William Brookes Comprehensive school where I was once a pupil. While my husband took our daughter onto the playground I went for a walk and ended up walking along the long avenue of magnificent trees I used to walk through as a child, teenager, and young adult. It brought back such wonderful memories for me. They are rebuilding the school so it was interesting to see how the new building is taking shape. I was also a bit sad as they are going to knock the old building down - a part of my history will be gone. Still, it's nice to see progress and I'm sure the new school will be high tech and have all the mod cons. They haven't demolished the old cricket pavillion though. And without incriminating myself I can tell you that it used to be a favourite haunt of courting couples when I was a teenager..........

I, of course, went in to Wenlock Books to see Anna Dreda, the kind and encouraging owner, and to pick up some more Moleskine notebooks (I know. I can't help it. I'm hooked!) She asked me if the notebooks would inspire my writing, and I confessed that just coming into the bookshop and breathing in the air inspires me. She laughed, politely, but I think she thought I was a bit strange! I bumped into a few people I knew in the high street and haven't seen for a while, and I also got talking to the owner of the cafe as she asked me if Brenda and I had come far. I told her I used to live in Wenlock and one of her waitresses lives in the road I used to, so it was nice to see her.

My dad, who still lives in Wenlock, was laughing at the amount of magazines I'd purchased from the shop, but I told him they are purely for research purposes! Which they are - sort of. Woman's Weekly, My Weekly, My Weekly Summer Special, Take A Break, and People's Friend. I shall be reading the short stories in the hope that something rubs off on me and I can write a story that will break into one of the mags!

I've had a binge on article writing recently, so for the next couple of weeks I'll be concentrating on getting some short stories finished and submitted. After that I'll be back on the poetry with a few articles here and there. Still nothing back on what I've got out there already, but I did receive a cheque for my articles from the web site chap, which is a bonus!

I'm going to do an experiment and from 9PM tonight until 9PM Thursday I'm going to severly cut my TV viewing habit and not go on any forums or here for that time. I want to see if it helps increase my writing ouput. I will, of course have to watch The Mentalist on Thursday evening, but that will be it. I watch far too much silly TV programmes and I think if I want to up my game, I'm going to have to cut back.

So it's au revoir for now, and I will let you know how I got on in a weeks time. Do try and behave yourselves while I'm gone. Mind you, you now have an excellent opportunity to talk about me behind my back! Do remember to keep letting me know about all your successes or re marketing opportunities. Happy Writing. Julie. xxx


Olivia Ryan said...

Good luck with increasing the writing output, Julie. Sure it will work. When I was still at my day-job, I hardly watched any TV, and did all my writing in the evenings. Now I've discovered TV again - not sure if it's such a good thing!

Don't forget that the magazines you buy for research purposes are tax-deductable. x

Julie P said...

Hi, Teresa! Well it certainly seems to have helped me today, although I didn't manage to turn the TV completely.

Thanks, I'll keep the receipts if the mags.