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Friday, 17 July 2009

Brighter days ahead?

I really don't know where she gets it from!

It's absolutely tipping it down today and the latest downpour came right on cue for me to pick my daughter up from her last day at nursery! Typical. So off I tromped clad in my waterproof trousers, rain coat and wellies (I also had jeans and t-shirt on underneath I hasten to add.) I do comfort and practicality not style and fashion I'm afraid! Trouble is I always end up a bit sticky and damp even with the gear on; it's amazing how the rain works its way in somehow.

It was wonderful to watch my daughter jumping and splashing in all the huge puddles. At one point I thought we were going to have a 'vicar of Dibley' moment, the puddles were that deep! I, of course, had to join in the splashing - it would have been rude not too. I can't believe my little girl is a big girl now and about to go to primary school in September (sigh).

I haven't done much writing today but enough to keep my Moleskine notebook and laptop happy. It's the Wrekin Writers' meeting tomorrow and I'm so happy it's finally here! I need my motivation and enthusiasm tanks filling up desperately and I know the Wrekin Writers won't disappoint tomorrow. I find it a great boost just to sit there and listen to everyone's successes with their writing. I haven't sent as many pieces of work out as I normally do this month, but I have stepped out of my comfort zone a few times and done some new things for the benefit of my writing which I am sure will pay dividends to my future writing projects.

I've also prepared a little exercise for the short story writing clinic at the group tomorrow. We are going to be looking at first paragraphs for some short stories from a variety of different magazines and figuring out what's good about them, how they hook the reader and how they work in context with the whole story. I'm looking forward to this as beginnings to stories are so important and a good start can mean the difference between capturing the reader's attention and encouraging them to read on or just closing the magazine and the difference between publication and rejection..

Have a good weekend whatever you're doing and don't forget your notebook and pen!

Julie xx


Carole Anne Carr said...

Thinking about you and know you'll have an enjoyable day...hugs...Carole xx

Olivia Ryan said...

I like the idea of the short story exercise. First paragraphs are so important, aren't they - and I find they either come to me, fully fledged and perfect, or else I spend days trying to get them right. One extreme or the other! And don't get me started on endings ...! (the end)!