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Saturday, 25 July 2009

God Bless Harry Patch

I've just heard the very sad news that Harry Patch, the last WW1 veteran has died at the age of 111. This comes one week after the death of another WW1 veteran Henry Allingham. Harry Patch lived to be the oldest surviving veteran of the 1st World for a week. Now that accolade goes to Claude Choules, 108, who lives in Perth, Australia.

What a life these men must have had and to have survived WW1 is an acheivement in itself. I feel very sad for the loss of two courageous and inspiring men. How they lived to such a grand old age I don't know but the world will be a poorer place without them I wonder what they would have said to those soilders on the front line of Iraq and Afghanistan today - or indeed what they thought about wars going on today so many years after the first World War. Do we ever learn as a species? I don't think we do. Why is war and terrorism deemed the answer to our troubles. Why do we feel the need to blow each other up?

I can't answer these questions. But I would hope to think that I will see an end to all wars in my lifetime. Mind you, there have always been conflicts from the start of mankind so I don't fancy my chances! Is it just me (I'm going slightly off topic here) but does there seem to be more and more road rage incidents, more stabbings and generally more violence in the world? Or is this just the media effect sensationalising reports - or is what the Government and police say true with their statistics showing violent crime is down?

I think that something has to be done to stop this social violence spiraling out of control - or are we too late for that? I'm all for these rehabilitation attempts of criminals but when they are given chance after chance and still go on the rampage where do you draw the line? We hear so many reports of criminals being given further chances by the courts when these people have already been in court for three or more offences before (and have no doubt committed many more they haven't been caught for) what is the point of that? It just allows these people to carry on regardless and it's the innocent people and tax payers who take the rap. Crazy.

Anyway, back to Harry and Henry, who, I'm sure were appalled by what goes on in society today. Those law breakers out there - particularly the youngsters (14 - 18 yr) olds, who think it's hilarious to smash cars up and get so blind drunk they don't know what they're doing, who make other people's lives a misery through their antisocial behaviour should read about these brave men did when they were their age and what they had to go through and learn from them. They should stop being idiots, grow up and learn some respect.

If you pray - don't forget to say a prayer for Henry and Harry and for those youngsters going off the rails that they may find their footing again and not go down the road of being a career criminal. If you don't pray - just have a few minutes of thought for them.

And for all those teenagers and young adults who made it through despite their background and the rubbish life threw at them well done for rising above your difficulties and not using them as an excuse to trash your life and everyone else's around you. We can get out of the blackness, of the poverty, the hopelessness if we choose to.

Julie xx


Olivia Ryan said...

Lovely post. x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia - good to have you back!