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Sunday, 12 July 2009

I Survived

Well, I managed to get through my first attempt at covering a local event as a journalist.I actually enjoyed the experience - although I found it daunting to start with. Everyone was so welcoming and willing to be interviewed. And I made it (by accident) onto Central News, a local TV news programme! I didn't see it but my dad told me I was on. I was taking photographs of the Special Olympics team, apparently!

It's certainly been an interesting experience for me but I was surprised how tiring it was. I'm shattered now! I felt a bit lost when I first got there but once I got into the swing of it and got chatting to a few people I was well away. I was intimidated by the 'proper' journalists there with their big fancy cameras - they looked so professional, and there's me with my little camera! But I still managed to get lots of good photos and I'm quite proud of how much info I got. Not bad for my first attempt.

I managed to get a lot of info and interviews with competitors and organisers so I'm sure I can get a couple of articles out of it. I have also been invited to other events which I will follow up on. Today has really fired me up with enthusiasm and I'm determined to go and do more of this kind of writing and see how far I get! I might not get anything published but I'm learning all the time and today has been such a positive experience.

Go on. Get out there and do something different - it could get you published and highlight/give much needed publicity to a number of different events/causes.

Julie xx

I have so much writing work to do now that I don't know where to start! What have I let myself in for?!


Sue Horder-Mason said...

Julie glad you had a good day and well done. Now the fun begins :-) xx

Fee said...

Well done Julie. I don't know if I could do that just yet either. Mind you with the constructive criticism I received this morning it looks like I may end up going this route.

You are a true inspiration so thanks

Best wishes


Julie P said...

Tell me about it! I've just transcribed the interviews I recorded on my dictaphone and have started to approach some editors to see if they're interested in my articles!

Why oh why did I start this?!!!

Julie xx

Fee said...

Dear Julie

You started this because you want to see if you can achieve your goals.

Don't start doubting your ability.

Go for it.

Best of luck


Olivia Ryan said...

Julie, I'm so impressed! Well done, well done - you have put your faith in yourself and that has paid off already. I'm sure I would have been really nervous, but you got through it and enjoyed it, and now you've got loads of writing work - what more could any writer ask for! Keep up the good work! x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia! My head is spinning at the moment with it all so I've stopped for a bit. I need to get a grip! I just want to do the best job I can and do the games justice. The games are very inportant to the people of Wenlock, and to me as a one time inhabitant of Wenlock. So it's a really big deal for me.

I shall keep everyone posted!

Have you come down from the ceiling yet with your book launch? I bet it was a wonderful experience.

Julie xx