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Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Joy Of Simple Pleasures

Despite the gloomy clouds and rain today and the tail end of my silly flu infection I saw a glimmer of light on the horizon as I wandered down Much Wenlock high street after visiting my dad. Oh yes, Wenlock Books had it's door open and I swear the building winked at me as I walked past! Yes, I actually walked past it before I stopped as my brain was a bit slow (after affects of the flu) and was saying "Wenlock Books don't open on a Sunday, you fool!"

I thought I was hallucinating to start with but no, it was definately open and my heart could barely contain its joy as I went through the door. I love that book shop with a passion! I don't know what it is about that place - something in the air and atmosphere, the decor, the staff, the ambience, the history - I can't quite put my finger on it. But whatever it is I always come away feeling 100% more motivated and inspired to write.

Of course, I couldn't come away empty handed could I? Not when I had such a nice surprise as finding my favourite bookshop open on a Sunday. So I purchased a small Moleskine notebook and a book for my daughter we are going to read over the next few days at bedtime. I have left the notebook in its cellophane wrapper and it peeps out at me inticingly when I open my drawer! (Soon, my precious, soon you shall be written in! One for the goblins?)

So, a satisfying day really. I'm still not firing on all cylinders but I'm getting there. I hate this dreadful post flu lethargy and aches and pains, don't you? Still no news on any of my work that's out there but, to be honest. I haven't sent anything out for a couple of weeks apart from a few proposals so I'd better rectify that situation pretty sharpish! Nothing out nothing published!

This week, The Universe willing, I'll be finishing off a couple of short stories and articles ready for the off. I have no interest in poetry at the moment - but that's how it goes; my writing moods change all the time and I'm constantly moving between writing poetry, short stories and articles. Variety is the spice of life, after all! I haven't written any reader's letters to mags and newspapers either - but I think I won't be doing that anymore; it's far too distracting and takes me away from my real goals. I think writing reader's letters is okay to start with when you are a beginner writer. It certainly gave me a good grounding and I won a few pens and notebooks and some cash from it but it's not a challenge for me now and I need kick to push myself further. I need to buckle down to the task in hand now.

Happy writing! Julie xx


Teresa Ashby said...

What a treat to find your bookshop open on a Sunday. And you deserved a treat after having the flu.
The aftermath is horrible isn't it, takes so long to feel normal again. Hope the tiredness and aches are soon a distant memory and you can get down to writing in your lovely new notebook!

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa. Yes it was such a surprise to find the book shop open and to see lovely June, the Sunday lady, there again. She's always very encouraging with my writing and loves seeing my daughter. (They have the best lollipops in there!)

Feeling a lot better today but have a sore throat and runny nose again. It will run its course I suppose!

Julie xx

Olivia Ryan said...

I think it's great that you are so versatile -short stories, articles, poetry - depending on your mood, as you say. In this climate in particular, it's so sensible to be able to try various different writing forms. Take care, glad you're starting to feel better. x

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia! I do like to dabble in different forms of writing although I admit I do tend to flit too quickly between them sometimes!

Today I'm into article writing as I have been commissioned to write some more articles for the chap whois setting up a new website on Shropshire. He has them all over the country and has chellenged me to write about places in other counties.

It's not something I envisaged doing, writing wise, to begin with but now I love it! He's opened my eyes to a whole new writing arena which is s very good thing.

I'm still keen to get some more short stories published and will work on them again at some stage. And I guess as I have just joined the Salopian Poetry Society I'd better get writing some poems soon too!

Julie xx