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Friday, 10 July 2009

Moving On

Another phase of life comes to an end and the door to the next stage opens. I am talking about my daughter starting school in September. Yesterday we had to go to a talk at the school about what happens when our little darlings start reception class. It was interesting for me to see how the school works and we had a bit of light reading for homework!

We even got to sample the school dinners. Now, this isn't as dreadful an experience as some of you might be thinking! It was actually quite nice and they even had vegetarian meals which is a good job seeing as we are vegetarian. The food was lovely: cheese and potato pie, potato waffles, mushrooms, tinned tomatoes, baked beans, and for pudding cheese cake! Mmmmm, and not a soggy boiled cabbage in sight. The cook was telling us how she's only allowed to fry once a week or she could get arrested! How times have changed.

I spent quite a lot of time up at the school yesterday as it was also the school fete. Some of those lovely police men I mentioned before in the tight trousers were there but then so was my husband! (not in tight trousers). You can get a good insight in to how the school ticks by attending their fetes and other functions and it's also good fodder for stories, articles and poems (once a writer, always a writer).

I'm going into the classrooms in September as a volunteer to help pupils with their reading and the like. I've always wanted to get more involved with the school and now I have the time to do it I'm going for it! It will fit in nicely with my daughter being there full time and my writing.
It's funny, but it's never sunk in that I am actually a freelance writer. It wasn't until I saw that an editor had described me as a freelance writer as a byline in an article they are publishing of mine that it suddenly hit me; there in black and white was the evidence for all to see. No more hiding behind the ex-nurse, mother,housewife title! I am a freelance writer, albeit a newbie one. If I'm honest, it frightened me a bit!
I set out some writing goals at the start of this year and I have achieved most of them already: get reader letters published in various local and national newspapers and magazines - done; get poems published in magazines - done; get short story published in magazine - done; get articles published in local and national magazines - done. The only thing I haven't achieved from my list is to get a short story published in a woman's mag in this country! But I'm working on it! I've had some success but I've got to buckle down to it now and take myself and my writing more seriously, keep the submissions going out and (hopefully) keep the acceptances coming in.

This weekend I'll be heading out to the Wenlock Olympics - no, I'm not competing, but if they had an event in sleeping or writing I'd win hands down! I remember going to the olympics as a child and was a one time member of the Wenlock Olympian Society - it didn't last long as I wasn't what you would call the athletic type (no change there then!)

Have a good weekend, whatever you are doing. And don't forget to take your notebook, pen and camera with you - you never know when the muse is going to strike. Remember public events can throw up countless opportunities for your writing.

Julie xx


Olivia Ryan said...

Aw, Julie - that post brings back such memories to me of when my own three started school ... a very VERY long time ago! It sounds like you and your daughter are going to have a lovely time when you both start there in September. You've done brilliantly well with your writing challenges this year and certainly have earned the right to be called a freelance writer. Good feeling, isn't it?

Julie P said...

Thanks, Olivia - it is a good feeling being called a freelance writer, but also a bit daunting. Part of me is saying "don't be stupid, you're not a writer!" but I like the challenge of writing something someone might publish and I might get paid for!

Yes, we're both looking forward to school! And Isobel is very pleased that mum will be around in the classroom sometimes. I'll be in other areas of the school too so she won't have to suffer the embarrassment of having me there ruining her street cred with her mates! Most of the kids in her class are used to me anyway!

Julie xx

Teresa Ashby said...

Of course you're a writer, Julie!

I used to be a classroom helper - loved every minute of it and it's great for Isobel that you're going to be around sometimes.

Julie P said...

Thanks, Teresa! And it's nice to see so many of your short stories in TAB Fiction Feast and Woman's Weekly Fiction Special that I picked up today - well done! I haven't managed to read them yet but I will do.

I asked Isobel the other day if she minds me coming into the classroom and she wasn't bothered either way! So no worries there then!
Julie xx