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Thursday, 2 July 2009

Well Done Wrekin Writers!

Wrekin Writers, the writing group I attend have been having quite a few successes recently:
Three of us had top ten poems on Poetry Street, an online poetry website, in May and there are two of us who are in the top ten for June too! Two of us had letters in the Shropshire Star (local newspaper) tonight and one of us had one in yesterday. Today we rule the papers and Poetry Street, tomorrow the world!

So well done Lilian and Fee with your poems, and well done me, Sue and Fee on the letters in the Shropshire Star. I realise how lucky I am to belong to such a talented, supportive and fun group of writers. Not everyone has access to a writing group but if you do, give them a try. If they are anything like the crazy bunch at Wrekin Writers, you won't regret it. I joined 15 months ago and haven't looked back!

Saturday it's the Writers' Bash near Leominster in Hereford where we have an afternoon of being entertained by, and entertaining other writers' groups in the area. It's our first one and we are so looking forward it. I don't know about any of the other Wrekin Writers going but I'm really excited! I Just hope the weather holds out (A little cooler please, though.) we could end up smothered in mud like a mini glastonbury if we're not careful as there are downpours forecast! We just hope we manage to behave ourselves and get invited back next year!

I've had no verdict back on any of my work out there at the moment. I hate playing the waiting game - but there's not a lot else we can do about it. It's the way things are! But I'm working on other pieces while I'm waiting so I have a little conveyor belt system - one in one out! That way there's always a chance that something I've sent out will be accepted.

Happy writing!

Julie xx

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