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Sunday, 16 August 2009

Get Out There

I have been taking a leaf out of my own book and have been out and about this weekend. Friday I went on the Severn Valley Railway (poop poop!) with my daughter and my friend and her husband. It was such a wonderful experience and I can't believe that I had never been on it before when you consider I've lived in Shropshire for 38 years, give or take a few when I lived in Devon. I may have gone on it when I was a school child but I don't remember(is that a sign of old age when you can't remember what you did a child?!)

We went all the way from Bridgnorth to Kidderminster and the weather remained glorious for us. What struck me most, though, was how quiet it was on there. There didn't seem to be many passengers but those that I saw were interesting characters. I do find other people's comments really funny for some reason. And they are excellent fodder for inspiration for stories.

Once, another train going in the opposite direction stopped along side us and an elderly gentleman opened the window, which was next to the buffet compartment of the other train, and he asked the man serving teas in that train for two teas and a bun but he was to be quick because the trains were due to leave soon!!

My daughter, bless her, when we were in the toilets at the Engine House, an exhibition centre at the railway, decided to shout, just as I was sitting on the toilet 'Mummy, your bottom is just too big for that toilet seat.' Charming - out of the mouths of babes?! I could hear other people tittering away in the adjacent cubicles. Time for a swift exit!

I know I've posted about the value of writers getting out and about amongst 'ordinary folk' before, and I've advised that taking a day out of your usual routine can prove inspiring and improve your writing, as well as make amends for your long suffering, neglected family! It really works. I didn't take my notebook with me but I wrote down snippets of conversations that I'd heard and things of interest I observed when I got home. I also have lots of photos I can use to illustrate any articles I might do and for prompts for short stories.

Thursday I'll be off to the RAF Cosford musuem with my husband, daughter and dad. His father(my grandfather) was in thr RAF and my dad's always wanted to go there and as we've never been before we thought it would be a good excuse to go. ( I can get a souvenir pen to add to my collection! I already have a Thomas The Tank Engine Pen from the railway and Thomas chugs down the pen when you tilt the pen! Hours of fun!)

I will try and get some writing time in the week at some point - honest!

Julie xx


A Write Blog said...

There is no substitute for the stimulus of real life.

Virtually all our writing, I think, is a reconstituted version of what we have seen or experienced.

Julie P said...

Very true, John. I think you write from a different level when you're writing from your own experience. It's also nice to get out and about and leave the notebook at home to concentrate on the family once in a while!


Olivia Ryan said...

Glad to hear you're getting out and about Julie - and especially that you're recording it all in your notebooks! You'll be able to use loads of it, I'm sure - and you're enjoying yourself and entertaining your daughter at the same time.x

Teresa Ashby said...

Sounds a lovely day out, Julie!
Bless her - your daughter! That's a quote you'll find a use for somewhere I'm sure!

Julie P said...

Yes, Olivia!I really enjoyed the day, so much so we're planning to take my father there as well. It's one of his ambitions that he hasn't yet realised.

I've caught the traveling bug and will be going to RAF Cosford on Thursday. Never been there so it will be a great experience I'm sure. My father, husband and daughter will be coming too.

I'm keeping up with my own advice and trying something different each week.

Oh yes, Teresa, that quote will definately end up somewhere useful!
The things they say, eh?! My daughter is a sweety though - really! It was the other people in the other cubicles that made me laugh - trying to supress their giggles! It was hilarious!At least I can laugh at myself and at other people laughing at me!!

Julie xx